10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Maintained All Year Round

Are you looking to splurge out on a swimming pool? We suggest you opt for a fibreglass pool. A fibreglass pool is usually made available as a compact ready-to-install item on the market, and is an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to regular swimming pools. We share below helpful tips on how you can keep your fibreglass pool maintained throughout the year.

Round the Year Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips –

  • Use a Pool Cover – A fibreglass pool is easy-to-heat, and consequently, heating a fibreglass pool costs you a lot less than your constructed-from-scratch ceramic pool. At the same time, you can save up further on the cost of heating your pool by spending on a pool cover. A pool cover keeps your swimming pool covered when it isn’t in use, and prevents water loss due to evaporation.
  • Regularly Clean Your Pool – Make it a habit to regularly brush your swimming pool’s floor and walls. Skim out the bugs, leaves, and other floating debris with a net. Using a pool vacuum to clean out dirt from the bottom of your swimming pool on a periodic basis is also an effective way of keeping your pool cleaned and maintained. It is easy and convenient, and you don’t even have to spend exorbitantly on fancy swimming pool maintenance machinery.
  • Shock Your Pool with Chlorine – Fibreglass pools come with a gel-coat surface that tends to be smooth and non-porous, requiring less overall maintenance effort than traditional swimming pools. The non-porous nature of fibreglass pools makes algae deposits a rarity. However, if you do notice algae collecting in your swimming pool, you might want to shock it.
  • Use Fibreglass-Friendly Pool Cleaning Products – Fibreglass pools do not require the kind of harsh cleaning products necessitated by concrete pools. It is best to use gentle brushes and fibreglass-friendly cleaning products for your fibreglass pool, rather than risk damaging it. Harsh chemical cleaners can damage the gel-coat of your fibreglass pool and even alter water chemistry.
  • Keep a Check on the Chemical Composition of Your Swimming Pool – Any swimming pool needs to strike a balance in its pH level, alkalinity and so on. A fibreglass swimming pool has an inert surface, which means that the water chemistry stays the same. You do not need to take daily care to maintain the chemical level. In concrete alkaline-based pools, you have to add acid every day to balance out the pH level. However, you must keep a watch over your alkaline swimming pool’s water chemistry nonetheless.
  • Run Your Pool Filter – A fibreglass pools adelaide is energy efficient. If you wish to maintain a circulation of fresh water through your swimming pool, you need to run a pool filter. A concrete pool needs at least two circulations by a pool filter to keep its water clean and well-maintained. A fibreglass pool only needs one, saving you electrical power and the money needed for it. Keep your pool filter running for around 7 hours when attempting to filter your swimming pool water, and it should be able to adequately clean your pool.
  • Maintain the Water Level of Your Swimming Pool – Maintaining your swimming pool’s water level is a crucial pool maintenance task. Try to keep the water of your swimming pool above the level of your pool’s skimmer plate. If it falls beneath this, your swimming pool pump could incur damage and lose prime. Contrarily, if the water level in your swimming pool is too high it could bring down your swimming pool skimmer’s effectiveness. Don’t try to go DIY when draining out your swimming, request for professional assistance. You could risk damaging your pool if you tried to drain it by yourself.
  • Clean and Maintain the Surface Around Your Swimming Pool – Most swimming pool owners neglect cleaning the area around their pool. Suntan lotions, body oils and several other residual contaminants can develop a ring around your swimming pool. It is important that you brush and wipe these away from the surrounding of your swimming pool to improve your pool’s overall aesthetics.
  • Repair Cracks – If you notice any cracks into the walls or floor of your swimming pool, it is a good idea to have it repaired before it can cause any damage to you or your property. Cracks in a swimming pool can injure you and the guests you invite into your pool. It can also lead to other hygiene and cleanliness issues. If you let your pool’s cracks be, they can widen over time and cause greater issues such as tampering with your swimming pool’s water level and more.
  • Request for Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance – Many pool cleaning and maintenance tasks need professional expertise, such as draining out your pool to regulate its water level. While you can participate in cleaning the surface areas of your pool and skimming its topmost level, more intensive pool cleaning and maintenance tasks require expert interference and supervision. Don’t try to complete all your swimming pool maintenance tasks by yourself without the necessary know-how or equipment, call in an external pool cleaning and maintenance service provider instead. They will know just how to clean and maintain your swimming pool to extend its longevity for use.

Don’t Push Off Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Tasks for Later

Owning a swimming pool can be a significant amount of work if you aren’t planning to hire a person to help perform your swimming pool maintenance chores for you. You need to periodically clean inside and outside your swimming pool and perform maintenance tasks on schedule, to keep your swimming cool clean and ready for use. Afterall, why spend all that money on installing a swimming pool, if you are going to allow debris to accumulate in/around it and tarnish its appeal?

However, swimming pool maintenance does not need to be a herculean task. It can be easily completed by planning the maintenance tasks ahead of time. The 10 tips we have listed in this article above, should help you plan out your swimming pool maintenance tasks for the entire year amply well. If you can perform them as directed, you can enjoy a clean and functional swimming pool around the year, right at your home!