4 Reasons To Use Authentic Generator Parts For Your Maintenance

Power outages are common during major weather events, which is why some homeowners and small businesses like to have emergency generators on hand. However, some companies may use non-authentic parts for repairs and maintenance. This can leave you with a non-functioning generator when you need it most. 

Below is more information about why you should use authentic parts for your emergency generator and other tips about using a generator safely. 

May Damage The Generator

Everyone wants to save money. But using inexpensive, non-genuine parts can damage the generator. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a generator – but then when you do routine maintenance, a cheap part causes severe damage. 

You’ll spend much more to get your generator functional again. It’s a situation where a stingy person pays twice. Buying authentic generator parts and accessories ensures that your device is running great when you need it. 

Quality Varies A Lot

There’s another saying when debating the choice between authentic and non-authentic generator parts, you get what you pay for. 

Whether you’re buying parts for a car or generator, you may run into inferior part quality because the cheaper ones use poor-quality materials. 

Buying an authentic generator part means you know the product is made with the best materials, and the quality control process is the best. 

Could Void Your Warranty

Let’s say your business just spent thousands of dollars on a backup generator with a five-year warranty. 

But what if you use inexpensive replacement parts that void your warranty? You just laid out a lot of cash for a generator with a voided warranty! Yet another example of a stingy person paying twice. 

Authentic Parts Are Made To Exact Specifications

A company that makes generator parts for a specific product type will have parts made to more exact specifications. Using a component with more precise measurements in a generator will usually lead to better performance and superior reliability. 

Using inexpensive parts can increase the risk of more wear and tear on the generator. So buying an authentic replacement part may cost you less over the years. 

After all, the last thing you want is to replace your emergency generator in a few years.

Why You Should Have An Emergency Generator For Your Business

Using authentic parts for your generator is better than non-authentic parts. But what if you’re still thinking about whether you should invest in a backup generator for your business? It’s a significant upfront expense, so why should you? 

Here are some reasons that many large and small businesses decide to invest in an emergency generator: 

  • Powers Security And Lighting Systems

You may not even be open when the power goes out because of the weather or another reason. But you still should keep electricity flowing to your business to power the equipment and security system. 

Keeping the security system running can help you get the company operating faster when the power goes back online. 

  • Keeps Data

Most companies have electronic data they need for their daily operations. Computers, machines, telephone systems, and more need power and networks to communicate. If any of this equipment loses power, you could damage the data, hardware, or both. 

  • Avoid Food Spoilage

Companies that store or manufacture refrigerated or frozen food can be saved from going out of business with an emergency generator. Imagine losing tens of thousands of dollars of perishables at a restaurant during a storm! Severe weather can wreck a business

This won’t happen with an emergency generator. 

Having a well-maintained backup generator with authentic parts ensures your company will be ready if the worst happens. 

Infographic provided by Canter Power Systems, generator installation Greensboro NC