5 Easy Ways To Find A Small Water Leak In Your House

You are using your basement as an extra space for storage or you might even be doing some basement waterproofing because there’s water seeping through the foundation. It comes down to this: if you’re thinking about basement waterproofing, then you must be suspecting that you have a water leak in your house that is somehow affecting the basement.

There are several ways to find out, but here are five easy methods to help detect a water leak in your home.

1. Check the toilets

When was the last time someone used it? If no one has recently used the restroom, then sounds like you have a slow drip somewhere in your house which could mean something much worse for larger leaks. There are some apps that will help you detect a leak in your home.

2. Check the faucets

Turn them all off and then check to see if any of them drip, even just a little bit. And watch closely because it might only be dripping once every two minutes. If so, there’s probably something wrong with the O ring or washer which is causing this watery mess.

3. Look for wet spots

When leaks forms on concrete floors, they look like dark stains typically found under appliances or sinks where water tends to accumulate.

4. Listen for running water

Maybe not an early warning system, but it is a leak detector. If you can hear water running somewhere in the house, then chances are pretty good that you have a basement leak happening.

5. Check your basement

Is there condensation forming on the walls or floors? This could be a sign of water buildup. That suggests that something is wrong. A good starter is making sure that your basement walls have sufficient drainage.

There are waterproofing companies, experts, and even basement waterproofing solutions that will help you find a water leak in your house. Leakage or seepage is never a good thing, but hopefully, these tips will help!

Infographic provided by Feldco, home window services