Balustrades for Every Area of Your Home

Many homes have decorative balustrades that take care of both safety and style. These are extremely common in two story homes, as they accompany stairs and balconies. Single story homes, however, may have them on front porches or backyard decks. There are many options to choose from that can help to complete the decorative ambitions that you have for your home. Take the time to work with your contractor to find the option that works best for your home. Glass balustrades are trending in many areas and can offer many benefits for your home. A second story porch can also be a great place for a glass balustrade, full visibility and a clean look.


When you need a WA balustrade you can count on the full coverage of glass. Unlike traditional balustrades, glass offers full coverage of an area. This makes it great for outdoor areas, such as pools. A pool can be extremely dangerous for young children. Some fencing for pools is made of mesh, while traditional wood is also used for many homes. These options make it difficult to see the pool. With glass, you can keep your children safe, while still enjoying the view of your beautiful pool. The solid construction also offers a solid barrier to keep out children, pets, and wildlife.


Indoor balustrades can be found on stairways and balconies. A balcony that offers a view of the downstairs in the home can be enhanced with glass. This makes it much easier to see the rest of the home. Curious kids can look at the rooms below without having to pull up on the rails of a traditional model. Kids can see from any level, minimising the temptation to climb. A home with a glass balustrade on the stairway presents with an extremely modern décor, as well.


A beautiful backyard can be extremely inviting. Glass balustrades can leave your decking with a crisp, neat look. You can enjoy family meals outdoors on a warm evening, or invite friends over for a special dinner. Decking is often tall enough that falling off could be harmful, especially for young children. Glass options are a great idea for adding modern décor and safety to your outdoor area. Your glass balustrade can also be easily cleaned with cloths and a mild cleaner to look like new at any time.

It can be quite a bit of fun to decorate your home. Families with children and pets also have to be aware of safety measures. Glass balustrades can make many areas much safer. Pools, decks and porches are all outdoor areas that may benefit from this option. Glass is also being used in some modern staircase designs. This is a great option to the traditional wood railing when you are looking for a more modern style. Glass is also much easier to maintain. There is no need to stain and refinish over the years, as you do with wood. You can simply clean with a cloth and leave it alone.