Be Sure you Assess your Home After Flood to Check for Damages

Foundation is the base of your house that carries the load of your entire house. Therefore, it is imperative to keep it in good condition. If your foundation becomes weak then there can be various damages, cracks, seepage and risk to your life. Even the value of your asset deteriorates and makes it look shabby.

Whenever you see any cracks that are expanding or getting deeper or larger then you should contact a foundation repair company. Often it is the foundation companies that provide you with a warranty. If the damage occurs within the warranty time then they will handle it for you. If the damage occurs after warranty, still it is wise to contact them as they know your structure well. They have an idea of what material was used at the time of construction and can work accordingly.

This is how you can look for a good foundation repair service –

  • Search about the company online as much as possible. This way you would know reviews related to the firm and also material that they use for piers.
  • Once you have selected your choice then you can approach them through a phone call and ask for some references that will help you get clarity about them.
  • Always choose a company that has good customer service because that’s what is important. If you are treated well, you feel free to talk to them during any problems.

Water is the main culprit for any damage in foundation. If you stay in flood prone area then, you should always get your foundation inspected through an engineer. Flood means continuous stagnant water in your surroundings which expands soil and loosens it. This can make your base uneven and continuous wear and tear can lead to problems like –

  • Cracks in the walls
  • Smell due to moist wood and dampness at the base
  • Condensation in ceilings and walls
  • Slope on floors and uneven doors and windows that don’t close or open properly
  • The presence of mold

You can follow these steps to avoid weakening of foundation –

  • Check your drainage system and pipe that expels water. They shouldn’t point towards your house.
  • Make your entrance waterproof so that no water penetrates through any hole or crack.
  • Don’t keep heavy items on the ground near your house like HVAC system. This may force that area to sink when soil loosens a bit.

Even if you don’t experience any problem due to your foundation, it is necessary for annual inspection to be commenced, to keep your house smiling.