Common Mistakes People Make With Fibreglass Pools

Installing a swimming pool is an expensive process. It is an exciting, complex, and once-in-a-lifetime project that takes a lot of time, money, and effort. It is not just a bricklaying job, it requires knowledge of the materials and skilled hands. When it comes to Perth fibreglass pools, there are a lot of advantages that you won’t get with other types of pools. Not only are they strong, flexible, and cost-effective, but they can also be installed easily and faster than inground pools. Moreover, they have a smooth surface that will feel great on your feet. In the unlikely case that you need to get it repaired, it will be cheaper.

However, even with all these benefits, you might still end up making some mistakes that will cost you in the future. In this article, we will be discussing common mistakes that people make with fibreglass pools to ensure that you don’t repeat them during your pool installation.

Here’s what you should look out for

  1. Believe everything your manufacturer says

Spending most of your time on the manufacturer’s website to figure out the best option for you might not be the best idea. It is very easy for the fibreglass pool manufacturer to make themselves look great on their website. They might add a bogus statement about their pools. So, you have to be careful and check the claims that they make. One way to make sure that the fibreglass pool shell is of good quality is to take a look at its warranty. Any manufacturer worth their salt would have a complete, written warranty on their website. If they don’t, it is a big red flag and means that their warranty is a no-go. Make sure that the warranty includes structure as well as finish warranty.

  1. Focusing on the price

One way to bring yourself to have an unsatisfying pool experience is to focus solely on the price. A fibreglass pool is a huge investment and you and your family will enjoy it for several years. You must remember that the pool builders’ profit is what determines the materials, quality of workmanship, and after-sale service. Yes, the pool industry is very competitive, because of which some companies have to lower their price to get sales. But, if they are offering the pool at a lower price, they might not be able to offer the same quality of service. It is tempting to opt for the lowest price, but this might cost you more in the long run. Although you have to include price as a factor while finding a pool builder, it shouldn’t be your top priority.

  1. Going only for the appearance

Yes, you want an attractive-looking fibreglass pool in your backyard. However, looks shouldn’t be the only thing to consider. The things that count the most are the benefits you get and the overall experience. Focusing on aesthetics is important as well, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your fibreglass pool’s fundamental functioning. There are certain factors that you have to consider including the right location and design of the pool as they can have a great impact on your pool experience. In some cases, you might have to spend more on maintenance. The design of the pool will be based on your backyard. You must do your research and consult with a professional before finalizing anything.

  1. Not reading the finish warranty

A lot of fibreglass pool manufacturers avoid talking about their finish warranties because their colour finishes aren’t up to standard. You want to hire a manufacturer who offers a finish warranty of 10 years on their fibreglass swimming pool. Be careful with prorated warranties. Consider this, a manufacturer might say that they offer a finish warranty of 7 years, but in reality, they offer a full warranty of 3 years and a prorated warranty of 4 years. Moreover, if you read the fine print of the warranty, you might notice that the finish warranty almost doesn’t exist.

When it comes to fibreglass pools, a coloured finish is very important. You don’t want a cheap colour that is prone to blisters and fades after a few months. There are a lot of big names in the pool industry who have these problems, so you have to be careful.

  1. Failure to ask for references

It will be a mistake to fall for a sales pitch and not check the references of the pool builder. In fact, you might be so swept away in the excitement of getting a pool that you might not even ask for references, let alone check them. You can’t just trust the words of a salesman. You have to ask for references and follow-up. If they pressure you to decide immediately, tell them no and move on to the next builder.

  1. Focusing on the short term

When you are deciding the type of pool you want, including its size, components you want, and the price, you have to think about how long you are planning to stay at your home, and not just the present circumstances. Here are some mistakes you might make while focusing on the short term:

  • Not getting a salt-chlorine generator because of the upfront costs. The truth is that in a few years, it will pay for itself. This is definitely a worthy investment that you must make for your fibreglass pool.
  • Buying a propane heater and not the heat pump because of the initial price difference. However, as it is with the salt chlorine generator, in a few years, it will pay for itself, especially if you get a solar heating system.
  • Settling on some other type of pool like vinyl liner, instead of a fibreglass pool. Initially, the vinyl liner pool will cost you less. However, over the next two decades, you will be spending a lot of money on liner replacements, which will increase the cost of your pool. These expenses don’t exist with fibreglass pools.

To Conclude

So, these were a few mistakes that people might make while buying fibreglass pools. Owning a swimming pool is a great experience. By being more diligent and doing research prior to the installation, you can enhance that experience and enjoy your pool for years to come.