Today log cabins are notable in many properties as they provide an easier and faster way to add space for entertainment, living, gym, office, etc. They are a great way to make the most use of your garden without the hassle of building a structure from scratch. They come in many styles and designs, so it is pretty easy to find one that complements the architectural style of your property.

But investing in a log cabin may not be easy as it sounds. Consider the following aspects to make the right choice of Tennesse log cabins.

Where you will put it

The best thing about investing in a log cabin is placing it anywhere on your property to get the most use. For instance, you can position it so that you take advantage of sunrise in the morning or sunsets. You can also set it to get the most beautiful countryside views.

It would be thoughtful not to place a log cabin close to your neighbor’s property allowing the rainwater to pour into their patio or garden. You don’t wish to be the cause of your neighbor’s nightmare. Also, you should consider placing the cabin where it will not block your neighbor’s natural light. For more information you can visit here

If you have plenty of space in your garden, it is advisable to let your log cabin sit-in in an area you don’t use much to avoid interfering with your other activities. Most importantly, think of a log cabin as an extension of your living space.

Do you need planning permission?

One of the critical considerations is the building codes of your area. Luckily most places do not require planning permission to set up a log cabin. However, it is advisable to check with your local council. You are good to go as long as your cabin has the following properties


  • It is not higher than 2.5meters.
  • It is not placed in a conservation area.
  • It is at least one meter away from your boundary.
  • Does not take up over 30% of your garden.

If the cabin is 2 meters away from your boundary lane, you can build it as high as 4 meters.

Pressure-treating and insulating your cabin

Another consideration when investing in a log cabin is whether you need to pressure treat it. Cabin kits that come pretreated are better than those that are not. Therefore it is best to opt for a pretreated log cabin if your budget allows. Note that over time the cabin is likely to lose its natural beauty and longevity, so coating and treating the wood may be inevitable.

It is also advisable to insulate your cabin to make it usable during winter. You can have insulation material fixed to the underside of the roof boards and disguised by the ceiling panels. That will keep your cabin warm during winter and cooler during summer, ensuring it is enjoyable.


Log cabins are versatile, and there is so much you can use them for. Ensure you buy your log cabin from a reputable company that guarantees quality and durability.