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Everything You Need to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Mixer

Kitchen mixers are a very common choice when people give their kitchens an upgrade, they look great, they are great in terms of functionality and they come in a range of designs and options. Each kitchen is different and the way we use the kitchen sink especially does differ from person to person. Getting the right mixer tap is therefore important.

When it comes to ensuring that the kitchen mixer tap which you use is fit for purpose, here is what you should be looking to consider.

Function of the Tap

This should be a tap which you are going to find easy to use, ease to clean and which suits your individual needs. In order to make the right choice then you need to be thinking about how you use the sink and the taps. Do you prepare food regularly, do you wash a great deal of dishes and who in the home will be using the taps? If you have kids for example then an easy-to-use mixer is something to think about, rather than one which requires a little more dexterity and strength.

Tap Finish

Once you have taken care of the functionality of kitchen mixer taps, we need to switch our thinking to the aesthetics, it has to look good after all. Not only does it have to look good but your tap should fit in well with the style of the rest of the kitchen. This is why the finish of the material is so important. Whether you have gone for minimal, industrial, traditional or modern chic, the finish of the tap should fit in seamlessly with that design.

Tap Shape

Your kitchen mixer should fit perfectly to the counter and the sink. This is in order for it to look as good as it can, and for it to work in the way that it should. Not everyone has the space above for a long-neck mixer, and some may have a double sink which calls for a swivel tap. It is therefore critical that you have taken the shape of the tap into consideration, and how it will actually fit in your kitchen.

Mounting The Tap

Not all taps are mounted directly onto the sink, although this is the most common way which we see. Additionally you could mount the tap onto the wall in front of the sink, which can look great. You’ll have to think about the installation however, and the costs which are involved with that.


Of course, just as it is when you buy anything new for the home, your budget is going to be important. Kitchen mixer taps can get very expensive depending on what material you opt for, the size of the tap and its functionality. This is why you have to ensure that you have set a budget long before you go shopping, as it will be easy to get tempted into overspending.

Weigh up all of these options before you decide to go looking for the perfect kitchen mixer for you.