Farmhouse Design Suggestions For Your Home 

Designing the interior of your home is arguably one of the most fun elements of designing a home for yourself and your family.  The interior has so many options, and choosing the farmhouse style is classic.  

You don’t have to have a silage in your backyard to pull off an authentic farmhouse look.  Working to achieve a farmhouse look inside your home means that there are a few key elements of design to keep in mind.  

If you’re looking to learn more about the style, check out this brief compilation of some of the most important aspects to remember when you’re trying to achieve a true farmhouse feel.  

Choosing the right paint colors

Color plays a big part in achieving any particular style of design, especially the farmhouse style.  To achieve the farmhouse look more easily, focus your design around lighter, more neutral colors.  

White is your friend, and adding white paint to a cabinet or coffee table with a distressed finish will hit the farmhouse feel on the head.  The best time to stray away from neutral colors is to highlight an accent wall with a brighter bolder hue.  

Consider furniture styles 

The style of your furniture plays a big role in the overall design theme of your interior.  When you’re working towards a farmhouse feel, try to work with furniture that is either authentically vintage or at least has a vintage inspired look to its design.  

Repurposing old antique furniture could be the icing on your farmhouse cake.  Old kitchen chairs, an old cedar chest, or a simple sofa with a few comfy throw pillows can all be pivotal additions to your design goals.  

Textures are also important

Textures are important in any realm of design, especially the farmhouse style.  Farmhouse is all about accommodation and comfort, and the different textures communicate different vibes.  

You want to aim your sights towards soft and fluffy rather than simplistic and crisp.  People should feel like they’re compelled to wrap up in a fuzzy blanket by the fire with the smell of baked goods in the air.  

Bring the outdoors inside

Bringing the outdoors inside will bring life to your design.  Instead of adding a small palm to the corner of the kitchen, try to steer clear of any tropical plants.  Add a manageable olive tree to the decor, and hang some eucalyptus branches above the mantle.  

Focus in on the kitchen 

The kitchen is a central hub for your home, and a home with the farmhouse feel has a kitchen that welcomes the whole family.  You need plenty of seating with plenty of pillows.  A bench style window seat for two speaks comfort and relaxation.