Five Tips to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature in Older Homes

A lot of people prefer to live in older homes for their charm and character. These homes have a unique architecture that portrays the life of who live there before. Although it is always great to preserve a local history, living in older homes can come with some challenges that include maintaining a comfortable temperature during the winter. Fortunately, there are ways to heat an older home such as the following:

Ensuring the HVAC Filters and Furnace are Replaced on a Regular Basis

An older home’s HVAC system needs filters to function optimally and using the same filter all year can have an effect on the way the system works. The filter tends to trap dust, debris and dirt that might push the system to work harder to provide the desired efficiency. Thus, it is imperative to replace the filter regularly or clean permanent filters.

Checking Windows and Doors

Gaps around windows and doors must be sealed to warm up an older home. Weather stripping is available to be placed around loose windows and doors. Also, windows can be sealed using a plastic sheeting kit. Even blinds and drapes can do something in retaining heat during the colder months.

Ensuring there is Adequate Insulation

Think about retrofitting the home by hiring experienced installers who can inject a non-flammable foam resin into the home’s walls. The foam has tiny air bubbles which increase its cooling and heating properties. But before getting your home insulated, ensure there is some airflow since older homes are made to breathe and sealing them too lightly can lead to the buildup of moisture.

Installing a Programmable Thermostat

You will need a thermostat installed so that you can create various heating schedules for each day of the week. Being able to operate the heating system of an older home through a modern thermostat ensures that the house is always warm. Thermostats must be installed away from heating and cooling vents, direct sun, open windows so it can optimally function.

Fixing the Old Boiler

A lot of older homes make use of in-room radiators to keep a room warm. Rather than warming the home with warm air, the source of the heat stays in the room with the occupant. Radiators utilize boilers which heat water, oil or steam. Old homes with unused, old radiators might need a new boiler. You can discuss this with experienced plumbers based in Accrington.