Furniture for your balcony, that you can’t live without

Balcony Living has the perfect tables and chairs for your balcony, that makes it even more enjoyable to sit outside.

Do you own a balcony? Then Balcony Living is the perfect place to look for some new furniture and arrangement for your balcony. The Danish company Altanbutikken, sell their own designer brand, Balcony Living, that produces furniture to balconies, such as chairs, tables and much more in a great quality.

Balcony Living is all about the esthetic, functionality, quality and the availability to be user-friendly, and the furniture work well together with other brands they sell on the website.

Chairs, table, benches- the choice is yours

Balcony Living has a lot of different tables, that fits in both small and larger balconies. For smaller balconies the tables are designed to be attached to the railing, so it takes up as little space as possible. They also have tables on wheels, so it is easy to rearrange, and tables with shelves if you have a lot of stuff, that you need to use the table for.

In chairs they offer both materials in plastic, wood and fabric. For the small balconies, folding chairs is a good choice and for the larger, it is possible to get a lounger, in which you can lay down on, on a sunny afternoon. Is the balcony a bit messy? Then Balcony Living offers storage benches, where you can put all of your gardening tools, cushions etc.  They come in different sizes and models, with one or two sitting places.

It is possible to find exactly the right accessories that you are looking for, to pimp up your balcony. If your hobby is plants and getting your hands a bit dirty, maybe the range selection of window boxes falls into your taste. Balcony Living collection of window boxes is everything from simple to hip and colorful. A more natural look is also possible, with window boxes in teakwood. Looking under accessories, you will discover a range selection of watering cans, lanterns and other lights for outdoor use. Whether you need some cozy light for when the dark has fallen, or your mini garden in the window boxes needs water, you can be sure to find it at Balcony Living.

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