Garage Door Repair Tips

Need garage door repair tips? Whether you are a first time homeowner or have lived in your home for years you can easily use these tips. After all, you never know when your garage door will stop working. It could be in your first year of home ownership or your 10th. It all depends on the type of garage door you have and how you take care it.

Garage Door Maintenance Is Essential

Do you want to repair your garage door less often? The simple solution is regular garage door maintenance. Regular doesn’t mean every few years. It mean every few months. You really need to keep an eye on your garage door. If you don’t you’ll need to repair it, because it’ll start to break down. In fact, you can think of your garage door the same way you think of your car. Both of them have a lot of moving parts. When you don’t maintain them, they break down. You would never think it was a good idea to neglect your car, so don’t neglect your garage door. Have a professional garage door repairman do maintenance on it once a year. Between professional maintenance you can make sure the moving parts stay lubricated and free of dirt and debris. You should also replace the weather stripping when it starts to wear down. Believe or not, this helps keeps water off of the bottom of your garage door and can prevent the bottom of your garage door from rotting away.

How to Tell if You Need Garage Door Repair

Here are some of the signs that you need to repair or replace your garage door:

  • Makes loud noises
  • Opens and shuts slowly
  • Won’t open or shut
  • Only partially opens

A garage door that’s in excellent condition should be fairly quiet and open and shut on a dime. If it’s making creaky noises and not operating correctly, it’s time for a repair.

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