How Do You Measure A Walk-In Shower?

It would not be wrong to say that showers are one of the places inside your home you would want to be at peace and comfortable. After a long day of work, most people look forward to enjoying a warm shower. This makes it even more important that you build yourself a walk-in shower that is the right size and fits all your requirements.

If you have been looking at walk-in showers recently, you might understand how their size is the first and most important factor you should be figuring out. While most people believe the bigger a walk-in shower, the better the experience is, that is not always true. It would be best if you always considered the space available in the bathroom and the other plans you have for the extra space.

Before you learn how to measure your walk-in shower, you need to learn the standard sizes. Knowing the few standard walk-in shower sizes can significantly help you understand what is actually feasible and get a better walk-in shower estimate. This article further offers you more information on the same so that you can come up with a renovation plan that is both practical and reasonable.

What Are Some Standard Shower Sizes?

As per the International Building Code, all showers should categorically follow a 30-inch x 30-inch plan. However, this is the smallest your shower should be and should only be a viable option if you are struggling with space. If that is not the case, you might want to opt for something bigger.

Any other size limitations are caused by the type of shower you want to build. In the case of walk-in showers, you will have to cover the walls with either some kind of waterproofing material or tiles. In either case, the size of the shower can be whatever suits your preferences. Usually, the sizes range from 36-inch x 42-inch to 48-inch x 48-inch.

Taking Measurements for Your Shower

Before you start finalizing larger dimensions for your walk-in shower and laying out a plan accordingly, it is best to take precise measurements of the existing shower. This will give you a better idea of what would be the perfect walk-in shower size and how much you can extend, if at all.

Start by measuring the height of the shower from the base to the top. Once you have found the exact height, it is time to measure its depth. You have to measure the depth and height of the existing shower in two places. If you find even the slightest difference between the two, you should choose the more significant number between both.

Another thing most people often forget is to measure the rest of the bathroom. It is not necessary that you place the new shower right where the old one was.

Try looking for other places you can fit the shower and take the measurements accordingly. This can help, especially if you are planning to install a bigger walk-in shower than the previous space would allow. However, if you are considering changing the location, you will have to install a new shower head. This might require plumbing unless a point is already made.

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