How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Nothing welcomes guests like beautiful landscaping, but it’s a lot of work to do by yourself. Excavating dead or dying trees and shrubs, choosing new plants to compliment your entryway, and adding brick pavers or a stone retaining wall is time-consuming. Most of us have neither the know-how nor the motivation to get the job done without help.

Luckily, a local landscaping company is a solution, and the convenience is well worth the investment. Pretty landscaping boosts home curb appeal. In fact, it can even bump up the value of your home, so it’s important to do it right.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Landscaper?

A lot depends upon where you live, but the cost of hiring a landscaping company to redo the area around your home typically runs around $4,000 per day. This buys you a multi-man crew to perform tasks such as:

  • A detailed plan of what’s to be done
  • Removal of unwanted plants, shrubs, and small trees
  • Planting of new shrubs, trees, and flowers
  • Trimming of overgrown trees and hedges
  • Weeding and mulching of landscape beds
  • Sod installation
  • General lawn care

You may decide you’d like to add a retaining wall or other stone structure. In these instances, you would bring a landscape architect on board. Landscape architects are licensed and certified to work in your state and typically possess a college degree in landscape architecture. These professionals make roughly $33.00 per hour, which makes them a bit more pricey than landscapers and groundskeepers who average around $16.00 hourly. Therefore, it’s good to have an idea in mind of what you’d like to achieve with your new landscaping before gathering estimates on landscaping costs.

How Do I Find the Right Local Landscaper?

The best way to find a reputable landscaper is to trust Angi (formerly Angie’s List). We specialize in connecting homeowners with local contractors and service people who do the job right the first time. And once you have a landscaping company in mind, be sure to ask the right questions, including:

  • What kind of warranty is involved in the work?
  • Is the company affiliated with the local landscape association?
  • What’s their rating at the Better Business Bureau?
  • Where can you see examples of their work?
  • Who can give them a professional reference?

Don’t be afraid to call several landscaping companies to get multiple estimates. While these types of estimates are not typically free, they’re well worth the small fees involved to find the right individuals.

Angi Can Help

When you’re ready to hire a local landscaper to beautify your lawn and gardens, trust Angi to help you find the right professional. Have a thorough understanding of the work you’d like to have done and a clear vision of your new landscape in mind before your consultation. Doing so will give you more control over your landscaping cost.