How Much Is the Average Cost for Replacement Windows Installed?

If you are a homeowner reading this article, the chances are you are getting bored with your old windows, and you are uncertain about the average cost for replacement windows installed, or the financial implications of a project as this. Remember replacing windows is a project that should be done once for at least twenty-five years.

However, remember that windows replacement cost shouldn’t only be the factor to consider when making your window replacement decision. Other factors determine the average cost for replacement windows installed such as window size, installation type, window style and interior and exterior finishes.

  1. Installation Types

Mainly, the installation type will determine the average cost for replacement windows installed. There are two installation types:

The retrofit installation- This one involves installing new windows into the old frame. In this case, the casing and the brickmould are not removed which makes the entire exterior part. With retro-fit installation, the vintage brickmould can be hidden with caulking or aluminum.

Full frame installation- In this kind of installation, the casing, brickmould and any other exterior material is removed entirely living only the wall studs. It is a comprehensive installation and more expensive than the retrofit. A full installation makes it possible to eliminate any rotten parts of the wood and replace them with the new ones. It means installing a new casing and new brickmould also. In this regard, it is labour intensive and needs more materials. Usually, full frame replacement cost is 10-15% higher than the retrofit replacement.

  1. Windows Styles

Window designs are another important determinant of window replacement cost. Awning and casement windows cost some fortune due to their safety features and super seal. On average, the installation cost can be as high as 8-12% more than horizontal and vertical window designs. The additional features such glass styles, colours, grilles, and tints are not significant determinants of the average cost for replacement windows installed, but they do affect the final balance.

  1. Average Window Replacement Prices

Since there are numerous alternatives you can choose from, it is difficult to come up with an exact price for window replacements, but we can give you some close approximate figures.

  • Replacement cost for bedroom and kitchen windows ranges from $800 and $1,600
  • Bay and bow windows replacements range from $2,800 to $4,500.
  • Living room windows costs range from $1,800 to $3,000.
  • Basement windows replacement cost range from $450 – $800.

While it is easy to set a price for a project, there are a variety of aspects should be considered to make sure that the set price offered is accurate. The accuracy level of the quote usually depends on the information provided by the homeowner. Therefore, it is necessary that you investigate your windows to determine what is lacking in your existing windows, what you need to achieve from doing replacements, and how much you want to invest in the window replacement project.