How to Build A Killer Gaming Room


Back in the day, an 8-bit console with two controllers was enough to keep everyone happy for hours on end, sitting on the floor. Nowadays, even the lousiest smartphones have better graphics and playability. Besides, video gaming has reached unimaginable heights.

Gaming became a profession and an organised sport. The most talented ones can win multi-million dollar prizes in international competitions. Gamers dedicate their entire days to their practice, so their gaming room needs some specific setup. What can you borrow from professionals for creating your own gaming room?

Taking Fun Seriously

Forget those childhood memories of afternoon video gaming sessions. If you want to step up your game, your room will need some special gear. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are: if it’s social games, esports, or online casinos such as If you’re planning to stay in the same place for long hours, you’ll have to invest in your experience and well-being. Here’s what you’ll need.

An Appropriate Chair

Overlooking your gaming chair is a mistake with potentially painful consequences. Sure, gamer chairs aren’t the cheapest in the market, but a healthy spine is priceless. Besides, gamer chairs last forever if they’re well-preserved. Consider it a necessary investment in your comfort. Otherwise, back pain can knock you off the game before bosses do.

A Desk

Like the chair, the desk is also crucial if you’re playing from a PC. If you’re playing from a console, adjust the TV to your eye level so that you don’t damage your neck. PC gamers need a spacious table where all the peripherals, snacks, and drinks can be easily reached.

Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals is an umbrella term that includes monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, and controllers. Ask any gamer: their computer is nothing like an average PC. Professional gamers need highly sensitive mice, a headset for communication, and also special keyboards. A keyboard adapted for gaming has some cool features, like backlit keys and buttons for “Play”, “Pause”, volume, and so on.

Gaming Monitor or TV

Considering the movie-like graphic quality of most games today, you’d be missing a lot without a high-definition screen. Top-notch monitors and TVs can be pretty expensive, so it’s essential to do some research before opening the wallet. 4K screens guarantee superb definition and perfect blacks, although there are even better options in the market.


Glasses are becoming essential gadgets for gamers. XR glasses, 3D glasses, and VR headsets look like glasses. More games are now using them, and having one at your desk can increase your gaming options. Additionally, consider buying blue-light blocking glasses to protect your eyes from damaging rays.



Creating a gaming room involves investment. An average office setup wouldn’t be enough for professionals and enthusiasts. It can sound a bit like overkill if you just play once or twice a week for a few hours. Yet, if you’re to spend most of your days in front of a screen, consider upgrading your space.