How To Give Your Fibreglass Pool A ‘Caribbean’ Vibe

Wondering what kind of aesthetic would be perfect for your backyard landscape? If you have a fibreglass pool at home, then there are several ways you can turn the area around your pool into a Caribbean paradise. With the right plants, water features, stones and furniture, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the Caribbean, every time you go near your pool.

When you want to relax and take time away from your hectic daily life, your Caribbean-themed backyard landscape will feel like an oasis in the desert. But how exactly do you go about building a Caribbean theme for your backyard?

Turning Your Backyard Into A Caribbean Paradise

The Caribbeans are like a dream destination for many people. When you think of the Caribbeans, you probably envision images of beautiful clear water, bright green plants, and sandy beaches. Interspersed with nature, are the human touches that add vibrant colours to the Caribbean landscape. Spending time in the Caribbean can be truly relaxing. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy the same kind of relaxation in your home.

Here’s what you can do to add Caribbean touches to your backyard.

1. Lush Green Plants

Key to your Caribbean-inspired landscape design is the plants you add to your backyard. Think about the plants that remind you of the Caribbean – tall trees, green grass, and a vibrant burst of colours from flowers dotting the landscape. The kind of plants that grow well in the Caribbean may not be suited for your backyard.

You may not be able to plant tall coconut and palm trees in your backyard. But you can get smaller versions of these plants that are kept in large pots. These pots can easily be added to your backyard, to give the space a more Caribbean feel.

You should also consider getting turfgrass for your backyard. If you don’t want to spend time maintaining the grass in your backyard, then you could get artificial grass as well. Consider adding tall grass, like zebra grass, to your backyard as well. These can be strategically placed to hide pool equipment like the pool pump.

Flowers will also be important for your poolside landscape design. Try to get a wide variety of flowers, especially brightly coloured flowers, for your yard. Flowers that are coloured yellow and orange, can really help to impart a Caribbean vibe. Red flowers can go well with your theme as well.

2. Adding Sand

You may be wondering whether you should add sand to your backyard, to create a pathway, or as a decorative element. After all, the Caribbean is often associated with white beaches. Before you decide to add sand to your backyard, however, consider how you’ll use it. You should try to avoid placing the sand in places where people might walk over it. This is because they could end up tracking the sand particles into your pool, or even your house.

Using sand as a decorative element, on the other hand, keeps people away from it. You can create a small enclosure, using small rocks. Place the sand inside this enclosure, and add other rocks on top of it, to make it look more natural.

3. Rocks And Boulders

You can get by without adding sand to your backyard. But rocks and boulders will be very important when it comes to your landscape design. The right stones can help you create a more natural look. You can get natural rocks, which are more expensive, or faux rocks that have been coloured. Faux rocks are also much lighter than real stones, allowing you to move them around more easily.

This means that you’ll be able to change how the rocks in your backyard are placed, anytime you like, and without needing help. For a Caribbean-inspired feel, look for rocks that are smooth. Get rocks of different sizes, and place them next to the base of the plants you add to your backyard.

Boulders also help you to get a Caribbean-like feel for your backyard. You can add boulders next to the tall grass you’ve added in your yard. Boulders can be added next to your plants, next to your pool shed, and more. If you think that a part of your backyard is missing a design element, then adding a boulder there might be a good idea.

4. Water Features

Water features like waterfalls and cascades can really help you turn your backyard into a Caribbean paradise. A small waterfall, that is slightly taller than your pool, will drop water into your pool. The sound of flowing water can help create a more tranquil environment in your pool. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money into getting large water features, then you can opt for something that’s smaller as well or view more information about it. A small water fountain near one end of your pool can also help your pool area look more Caribbean.

In addition to the water features you add to the pool, the colour of the tiles at the bottom of the pool is important as well. If you want to replicate the clear blue colour of the Caribbean waters, then you’ll need clear blue pool tiles.

5. Pool Furniture

The kind of furniture you add to your pool deck is important as well. For the Caribbean look, look for furniture that’s made of wicker, seagrass, or wood. You can also get cocoon chairs and even hammocks for your pool. Create a lounging area beside your pool, complete with colourful cushions, as well as a tall umbrella for shade.

Get the right kind of lighting for your pool area as well. Accent lighting can be good for you, especially when it’s in different colours. This really helps to add a Caribbean vibe to your backyard. You can also get lamps where the top is shaped like a flame. These help you to add artificial torches to your backyard, a look that’s really reminiscent of the Caribbean.


If you want to turn your backyard into a Caribbean- themed paradise, then this guide will be able to help you. You’ll need to add the right plants to your yard along with rocks and boulders, and also get the right pool furniture as well. Follow the tips in this guide to get that Caribbean vibe for your pool area.