How to Keep Your Kids Entertained in Atlanta?

It is actually quite a task to ensure that the kids are having a good time. The parents need to plan out various activities – both indoors and outdoors – so that the children can play and don’t create a fuss. Keeping the kids entertained becomes a pressing issue especially during the school breaks when they have nothing to do and the parents need to keep them occupied.

While many people think that there are not many fun things to do in Atlanta, we give you a list of places which are a must-visit:

Children’s Museum

When we talk about downtown Atlanta, we can’t miss its two popular attractions – Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke. Apart from these two, another interesting place is ‘Imagine it! Children’s Museum’. It offers the children a number of exhibits to be explored and they are surely going to enjoy their new discoveries as they wander around the area.

There’s another museum in the north of Atlanta, INK Children’s Museum, which is set up in a little town and children can act out real-life activities here.

Centennial Olympic Park

We all know that summers in Atlanta are pretty hot and it would be really cool for the children to visit a water park along with their family. Atlanta’s aquatic center has splash fountains with the famous rings in Centennial Olympic Park to be the best of all.

The Olympic Fountain of Rings in the park is the largest interactive fountain in the world. Apart from this, the accessible space in the park has been designed to keep the kids entertained and allow them to play a number of games.

Atlanta Trampoline Parks

Given the high temperature in Atlanta during the summers, indoor trampoline parks have made their way into the city. It is basically a giant room where the entire floor and even the walls are equipped with huge trampolines. The prices are not very high and the jump time starts every 30 minutes.

These parks have been designed for kids but there are jump timings and fitness classes for adults too. So, there’s a whole lot of fun for the entire family, including the teens and tweens, if you plan to visit this place.

Center for Puppetry Arts

If your kids are a huge “Sesame Street” fans, then this place is definitely going to please them a lot. Only for $12.50, you’ll be able to enter the museum. The first Saturday of every month is free for the residents of Fulton Country.

Your kids will see some of the most iconic creations and witness how some of the amazing puppets from around the world can perform. It is going to be a good day out for them.


If you know where to look, you’ll be able to find a number of things to do in Atlanta for the kids. Keep an eye on all the places and possible activities to save your house from becoming a mess during the summer and winter breaks.