How to Landscape Around a Swimming Pool on a Budget?

It is appealing to have a swimming pool in your backyard. It adds beauty to your backyard, helps in maintaining a good fitness routine, and provides a good place to relax with your family. It also increases the charm of the house during parties and get-togethers.

When you install a swimming pool in your home, it becomes a prominent feature of your backyard. Therefore, it is necessary to landscape your swimming pool to make it look appealing and inviting. One of the major roadblocks that people face while considering pool landscaping is budget. The installation of the swimming pool itself is costly, which means many may not be able to bear the added expense of expensive landscaping. This is where you can use simple landscaping ideas that will not cause a major dent in your wallet. These landscaping ideas, in many cases, do not even require the help of a professional. You can attempt them by yourself at little cost.

How to prepare for pool landscaping

Before you start implementing your pool landscaping ideas, there are some preparations you must make. Some of these include:

  • Sweeping and cleaning your pool deck
  • Decluttering the pool area
  • Raking and mowing the lawn
  • Pulling out all the weeds in the gardens, grass, or potted plants
  • Removing dead plants

Economical swimming pool landscaping ideas

There are numerous affordable ideas that you can use to landscape your Brisbane family swimming pool. Some ideas include:

String lighting

Decorating your pool area with lights is one way to make sure that it looks heavenly. It not only enhances the ambience of your swimming pool but also makes it look welcoming and luxurious. Being creative while decorating with lights is the foolproof way to ensure added charm to the pool area. Most people use café lights throughout their patio. These lights can also be strung across the swimming pool to add charm and magic to the pool deck. You can also light up the plants and trees near the pool. Try to use spotlights or string lights for this, as it will give an aesthetically pleasing look.

You can brighten your swimming pool’s interior by using LED lights. You can also use colour-changing lights to have a festive look during the holidays. If you have flower beds near your pool, you can also add path lights along with them. Always remember to keep the lights away from water for safety.

If you are too worried about the electric bill, try using LED lights everywhere that consume comparatively less energy.

Stone walkway

Concrete walkways may seem like a comfortable option while you are installing a pool, but stone walkways are much more attractive. It is also not an expensive option since you only require some stones from the nearby home centre. You can also get creative by choosing stones of different colours and designs.

Even though many pool owners go for the traditional grey, you can select colours to match the pool deck or use bright colours to add a vibrant tone to the poolside. If you are too tight on a budget, you can also try making stepping stone pathways.

Privacy walls

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to install a vinyl or wood fence near your swimming pool, a natural privacy wall is an excellent alternative. Plants always add charm to the pool area. By adding a green privacy wall made from shrubs, plants, and trees, you can achieve a balance between beauty and economy. Some of the best plants you can use include bamboo, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Norway spruce, and Green Giant Arborvitae.

Fill your poolside with plants

Plants need not be just for the privacy walls; rather, you can fill your pool area with a variety of greenery. You can choose your plants based on the look you are aiming for. Plants with big leaves are best suited for a tropical feel. For a luxurious look, go for ferns with an exquisite texture. If you do not have the budget to buy brand-new pots, you can repurpose old car tires. This is an economical and eco-friendly option. You can paint the tires in bright colours to make them more attractive. Make sure to add sun plants that are resilient and low-maintenance. Some plants that you can use for pool landscaping include Aloe vera, Live oaks, Weeping dalea, Red Justicia, Octopus agave, and Palm trees.

Rock garden

You might need some contrast with all the vibrant plants you have placed around your swimming pool. Investing in a rock garden is an economical way to do this. You can create a rock garden on your own. It is as simple as collecting just some bags of big river rocks and adding them to a bed of earth. The rock garden will add a calm yet striking contrast to the backyard. Rock gardens are a much more attractive option when compared to concrete pavers.

Wooden furniture

Adding furniture in your backyard near the pool will give it a warm and homey look. If you do not have a huge budget, try making some furniture from repurposed wooden pallets. Making this furniture is quite easy, and you will have a lot of freedom with the design. Also, the tools needed to make them are minimal. Use some accent pillows to give it a comfy look. You can also add a splash of colour to the furniture to make it look fun and vibrant.

You can also create a sitting area near the pool by combining the furniture with curtains and an inexpensive fireplace. This can act as a cosy place for family gatherings and informal dinners.

To conclude

A swimming pool is a really big investment for many homeowners that they take pride in. It not only enhances the home value but also improves the overall beauty of the house. It is important to do pool landscaping to make your pool area look attractive and charming. With economical pool landscaping options available, you can make your pool area warm and inviting without spending too much money.