How To Make Your Garden More Interesting

Gardening is a hobby enjoyed by many people. Some gardeners prefer to only have a small patch of green lawn, while others prefer a colourful one filled with fragrant flowers. Then there are those who have realised the importance of subsistence gardening. Regardless of your budget, and what type of green thumb you are, there are always ways to reinvent your garden to make it more interesting.

Recycle, Upcycle, even Bicycle

You all know the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle, but how often have you applied the concept in your garden? We have a few suggestions for garden additions that you can do yourself.

Refurbished Bike

When your child outgrows their bicycle, you can repurpose it by painting it. Add some potted flowers to the basket and carrier, and you’ll have a lovely focal point in your garden.

Wooden Shelves

Another inexpensive way to bring recycling into your garden is to paint old wooden crates and affix them to a wall. They can be used to store your gardening tools, or you can place potted plants into them for a pop of colour.

Pretty Ponds

Depending on your funds, you could install a pond in your garden too. An economical way in which to do this is to make potted ponds. They are not difficult to set up and don’t require a lot of water. Adding a fountain to your pond will add a soothing atmosphere as the water trickles you to a place of relaxation.

Dual-Purpose Garden Sheds or Log Cabins

The days of unsightly old garden sheds with peeling paint, creepy crawlies and rusty tools are a thing of the past. It is becoming trendy to have a wooden shed or log cabin in your garden, which can be used as a home office, a guest room, or simply a place to enjoy some downtime after a tough day at work.

You can either place it in your garden or even incorporate garden elements, such as window boxes into it. Imagine sitting in a comfortable armchair in your cabin’s room, listening to the babble of your fountain and watching birds and butterflies visit your garden.

Conserve the Environment

Aside from attracting bees and other pollinators to your garden, there are additional ways you can update your garden without breaking the bank. You could:

  • Make use of solar-charged lights along the paths in your garden
  • Manually water your lawn and plants, rather than using a timed sprinkler system which may come on even when it’s raining
  • Allow your lawn to grow slightly longer in the summer months. This keeps the roots shaded and your lawn will not dry out as quickly, saving on the need to water
  • Compost your food waste. It will save you having to buy fertiliser to feed the soil.

With these tips to get you started, we’re sure you’re going to have fun reinventing your garden and enjoying the fruits of your labour.