How to Prepare Your Backyard For Spring

As we move away from the cooler temperatures of winter and begin to look ahead to springtime, now is the perfect opportunity to get your backyard fully prepared. Spring is a great month to put your garden and yard to work, ready for summer blooms. The winter can wreak havoc on our outdoor spaces, and we can certainly be forgiven for letting things go out there during this season. With spring just around the corner, here are some steps which you should look to follow, in order to make sure that the backyard is prepped and ready.

General Tidy

The first place to start is with a general tidy of the space, removing dirt, dust and debris. This is a good chance to get our carports clean too, using a pressure washer to get all of the moss and muck off the sides and from the roof. If you have a deck then you should also give it a good clean, removing anything which has fallen on it before giving it a good brush to get the smaller particles off the timber.

Edge The Space

It is likely that during the winter time the edges of your garden have fallen or overgrown with weeds, which can make the place look a bit messy. Spend a day looking at the permitter of your garden and any sectioned off spaces, and be sure that they are cleanly edged. This will make a big impact once you are finished.

Bring New Plants In

The spring months are a great time to sow seeds which will bloom in the summer, but you can also add some color to the garden by bringing in some store bought plants. Consider hanging baskets and large, hardy plants which will really help to freshen up the space.

Repaint The Shed

Outside buildings like custom sheds often take the brunt of winter, and they can look in poor shape come springtime. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to give nourishment a new coat of paint. This is not just going to brighten up the yard, but it will also give the shed the protection which it needs.

Hunt Down Pests

Pests aren’t much of a problem during the harsher winter months, but as the temperature begins to warm you will find that they begin to find a home in your backyard. Instead of waiting until summer, when the pests really are causing a problem, take action now to ensure that they move on to another yard or outdoor space. Use traps and poison if you need to in order to chase the pests away.

Water Butt

A water butt will be a great investment right now, as it will collect plenty of rainwater in the coming weeks and months which you can then use to water the plants throughout the spring and summer. These are relatively low cost and come in a wide range of sizes.

These are some very simple jobs which you could look to get done now, in order to properly prepare your backyard for the forthcoming spring mo