How To Put Up Ferm Living wallpapers

When purchasing any wallpaper, you should have already measured the width and height so that you don’t regret your decision to put it up. The best time to buy ferm living wallpapers is during the rush hour wallpaper ferm living. This is because the wallpapers being sold are of high quality and affordable prices.

 Before putting up your wallpaper, make sure that your wall is dry clean, and free from any cobwebs. When there is a problem, such as a hole in the wall, get it fixed before putting up your wallpaper. If there are nails or hooks on the wall, make sure you remove them before putting your wallpaper.

How to get started;

  • Please select the most accessible side of the wall so that you can begin with it. You can also opt to start with a place that cannot be seen easily in case of a mistake; no one will see it that fast. Measure the side of the wall you want to begin with by adding 20cm to the measurement. Then take your wallpaper on the table and measure it.
  • When you have your first piece cut to size and your plumb line is drawn, it is time to put up your wallpaper. The rule is that you should apply your paste on the wall and a generous amount on the wallpaper, then paste it on the wall, but this is always messy as the wallpaper sticks on you. The best thing to do is to apply the paste on the wall, then mark the areas that still need paste, then place a generous amount of wallpaper on the regions you have put the paste on.
  • When it is time, apply the wallpaper. It will help if you put it in a specific way to stick correctly. Apply your strip to the top of the wall, then smooth it down using gentle strokes using a clean piece of cloth. Then smooth out from the middle of the paper to the edges. In case you feel like the wallpaper looks messy, take a deep breath, peel off the wallpaper then put it on the back again. Please make sure you stroke it smoothly to avoid creasing the wallpaper.
  • Using your piece of cloth, push your paper in as far as its crevice where the form meets the ceiling and the skirting making a faint line that will act as a marking that will allow you to cut the excess wallpaper that has remained.
  • When cutting the excess wallpaper, you could either use freehand along the indented line or place a ruler on the crevices and cut along it. If you feel like using a knife is too hard for you, then you should pull the paper slightly away from the wall and cut the indented line with a pair of scissors.


Putting up wallpaper is an easy task once you get the hang of it.  Though you should be very careful when putting it up, or you will regret your decision and waste a lot of scrolls.