small backyard with paling fence

Most Durable Backyard Fences

Regardless of whether you need a backyard fence for security, aesthetic value or simply to segregate two areas, it is important that you invest in a durable one. All fences require maintenance and care, no matter if they are metal or timber fences, but some materials are more durable than others — and the design of the fence impacts this too. No matter which type of fence you opt for, it is always worth getting a professional to install it, as this will ensure that the job is done properly and that you have a solid and durable fence in your backyard.

Here are some of the best options for a fence which will have a long lifespan and provide you with what you need.


All fence materials can be durable if you select the right design and focus on maintaining them, but some are stronger than others. The most durable is a masonry fence, which will certainly stand the test of time. Behind that you will find that a metal fence is incredibly durable, although it really does lack aesthetic appeal. And finally you have timber, which can last for a lifetime if you take care of it well.

Fence Threats

The main threats to a backyard fence are of course the elements, especially wind. If you have a paling fence for example then you will find that there are less gaps for the wind to whistle through, and this will put pressure on the stability of the fence. In this instance you will need to ensure that you have fence posts which have been installed deep into the ground, or cemented in. Over time a metal fence can begin to rust, which is why you need to ensure that you maintain the fence well in order to avoid this oxidization. With timber you will find that it can rot over time if you don’t look after it well, and there may be a risk of fire too in your area, which is why a fire resistant material is best.

Fence Design

The design of your fence plays a big role in its durability, especially when it comes to the wind. If for example you have a small picket fence then it can be easily lifted and moved by the wind, although it has more space for the wind to come through the fence without putting too much pressure on it. If wind is an issue then avoid using large fence panels as they are notorious for falling over in strong winds.

Importance of Care

Even if you have selected the most durable material and design, you still need to take care of your fence, at least once per year. Metal fences need to be cleaned and painted regularly in order to stop them looking bad and suffering from the elements. With a timber fence you will need to make sure that repairs are fixed and that you seal and paint the material. And finally although masonry fences are the most durable, it is important that you weed them and prevent anything from growing in-between the cracks, as this can dislodge the stonework.

Always ensure that you focus on durability when it comes to building a new backyard fence.