picket timber fences

Picket vs Paling Fencing

A fence around your property serves multiple functions regarding its curb appeal and security. When you have decided to place a fence around the property there are two common types that people have to choose between. The two timber options are a picket fence and paling fencing. They might appear to be the same but are actually different. If you are looking for the perfect example of a great looking picket fence, Melbourne has many streets that are lined with properties which have them outside. Paling fencing is less popular, but still a great option.

To weigh up your options, you first need to understand the differences.

Aesthetic Appearance

Thanks to its triangular cut at the head of the slats a picket fence is by far the more attractive of the two. In terms of paling fencing Melbourne homes do occasionally have this on the perimeter of their homes, which can look great if you paint it a nice color. In its purest form however the picket fence looks much better.

Difficulty of Repainting

Another great advantage of a picket fence is that it is far easier to repaint. A picket fence has slats which are much more spaced out than the paling fence and this is why repainting is much easier. Additionally, the fences are typically smaller which means less surface area to paint.  

Overall Cost

Where the paling fence is better than the picket is the cost, coming in much lower by some way. This is because the paling fence uses cuts of timber which are easy to create in bulk. The picket fence slats are much more refined and they often use more expensive timber to create the pieces. Those who are looking for the lower cost option should go for a paling fence.

Installation of the Fence

The installation of a picket fence is far easier than the paling fence. There are a number of reasons for this, but mainly it is that less slats need to be added with the picket fence, covering a larger distance with ease. The paling fence also requires much more by way of measurement, in order to ensure that all aspects of the fence are in line with one another.

Visibility Through Fence

If security is your main concern then the picket fence is unlikely to be the best option for you. Not only are picket fences smaller and therefore easier to get over, they also show a great amount of visibility of what is behind the fence. A paling fence on the other hand will hide anything behind the fence and they are much more difficult to get over. This is often why we see homeowners look to install a picket fence at the front, for the appeal, and a paling fence at the back in order to keep out prying eyes and to add an additional layer of security to the property.

The choice is yours, as long as you bear in mind these key differences between the two types of timber fence options.