Pool Noodles Can Be So Much Fun

Pool noodles are those colourful toys made of foam that can be useful all around your house. But when you use a few hacks, you can make it so that pool noodles make using your fibreglass pool even more fun.

A pool noodle is essentially a solid foam cylinder that is flexible as well. It can be used as a pool toy, as a float, and even as gear for water aerobics exercises. More popular pool noodles are usually made using polyethylene foam. It’s around three inches thick, and normally about four feet long.

You can find pool noodles in various designs as well. Some have a core that is hollowed out, while others are made using neoprene. Some are inflatable while others could be made of vinyl.

What Are The Advantages Of Swimming Noodles?

Pool noodles have a few characteristics, and this is what explains the popularity they have enjoyed across the country. These advantages include:

  • Pool Noodles come in various colours. This makes them attractive to children as well.
  • Pool noodles tend to float very well. With just one pool noodle, an adult will be able to stay above water in a position that is vertical. This is without using any kind of arm or leg movements.
  • Pool noodles can be quite flexible. This leads them to be used for various things.
  • Pool noodles can take a lot of roughhousing, which makes them useful when playing.
  • Pool noodles are highly durable as well.
  • Finally, pool noodles are also inexpensive.

Can You Use Pool Noodles To Learn How To Swim?

Here are some ways you can use pool noodles to learn how to swim in your Newcastle fibreglass pool:

  • Place pool noodles under one of your armpits. Then, wrap it around the back until it reaches your other armpit. Now, you’ll be able to float. In this position, you can learn how to tread water, scull water, or flutter kick.
  • You could also use a pool noodle to practice your flutter kick or your breaststroke kick. To do this, first, place your pool noodle across your chest area. Then manoeuvre it such that it goes under your armpits. Now you’ll be able to float in a horizontal position.
  • You can also practice your backstroke kick with your pool noodle. To do this, place your pool noodle behind your neck. It should be in a position that is supine. Your arms should be extended overhead or resting by your sides.
  • If you want to practice your scissor kick or your sidestroke, then a pool noodle will be able to help you as well. Place your pool noodle under your lower armpit. Do this while you’re floating in a horizontal side position.

What Else Can You Use Pool Noodles For?

Here are three other ways that you can use pool noodles:

  • A pool noodle can work better than a kickboard when you’re doing kicking sets – this is as pool noodles are more flexible. Place your pool noodle across your chest and under your armpits. This way, you can keep your head above water without straining too much. If you use a kickboard, on the other hand, you’ll need to extend your arms for an extended period of time. This can strain both your neck as well as your shoulders.
  • If you have a leg injury, then you can also use a pool noodle to do some low-impact exercises. First place the pool noodle around your back and under your armpits. Do this while you’re in your fibreglass pool. Then, move your arms and legs such that you’re jogging in the water. You’ll experience resistance against the water, which makes this a great workout.
  • Children can be found using pool noodles for their pool games. They could ride noodles, tow other children using a pool noodle, and more. Their creativity has no limits.

What Are Some Great Pool Noodle Exercises?

Pool noodles can make excellent additions to your workout routine. Here are some exercises that you can do with your pool noodle, to stay healthy.

The Noodle Push-Pull

This is an exercise that mainly focuses on the upper body. But you can modify this exercise to work out your entire body as well.

To do this exercise, you need to stand in a place in your pool where the water reaches your chest. Then, hold your pool noodle near the chest area. Your palms should be down, just under the water’s surface. Now, push the pull doodle down near while ensuring that it stays submerged. Do this until your arms are completely extended.

Then, allow the pool noodle to come up. This is one rep. You can do this exercise while you’re walking through the water, to make this a full-body exercise.

Noodle Tucks

If you want to do this exercise, you’ll need to be in water that is deeper. In a deep part of your fibreglass pool, wrap the pool noodle around your back. Place it under your arms so that it gives you stability.

Now, ensure that your toes are pointed towards the bottom of the pool. Start to engage your abs by bringing your knees up towards your chest. Hold this position for three seconds. Then move your feet back down. Do this for at least ten repetitions.

Noodle Lunges

You’ll need to be in water that’s chest-deep, in order to do this exercise. Take one end of the pool noodle and hold it in each hand. Stretch your arms in front of you, and under the water. At this point, ensure that your hands are close to each other.

Essentially, you’re using the pool noodle to form a U-shape under the wager. In this position, step forward, and lift your left thigh so you can step through the U-shape. At the same time, push the pool noodle towards the bottom of the pool. Ensure that your forward foot goes down all the way before you step back onto your starting position.


Pool noodles are versatile, and there are several things you can do to enjoy pool noodles more. From using them around the home to using them for your pool aerobics exercises, pool noodles can be a lot of fun. This guide can help you learn more about the various uses of pool noodles.