Privacy Ideas For Your Swimming Pool

When you get a new fibreglass pool for your home, you’re probably thinking about how much fun owning a new pool will be. You’ll be able to relax in your pool, swim in it, exercise in it, and more. The one drawback to owning a pool is that anyone who can see your pool will be able to see what you’re doing in it. If you’re someone who likes their privacy, you could be wondering about what you can do to increase the privacy around your fibreglass pool.

Maybe you don’t want people to watch you while you’re in the pool. It can be difficult to unwind when you think your neighbours are watching you in the pool. You don’t have to worry however, as there are many ways you can increase your privacy around your perth swimming pool area. Here are some ways you can achieve this.

1. Privacy Screens

If you want to increase the amount of privacy you have in your pool area, then invest in a privacy screen. These are budget-friendly and setting them up is simple as well. You can use your privacy screen either as a stand that’s portable or as a structure that’s fixed. One of the benefits of getting a privacy screen is that you can place it in the area where you want the most privacy. Say, you think that people are more likely to look at you from the street adjoining your home, then place a privacy screen there to block their view.

If you do want to get a privacy screen, then first check what the local regulations are regarding adding a screen. You don’t want to be breaking any rules by adding a privacy screen to your backyard. In case you want your privacy screen to play the role of a barrier for your pool, then check what your state’s regulations are as well.

2. Adding Plants

When you add plants to your backyard, it’ll help you create a space that’s tranquil, and refreshing to spend time in. If you don’t get the right plants, however, you can end up needing to spend more time and money to maintain the plants. You should also ensure that you aren’t adding any trees or shrubs too close to your pool. This is because their roots could end up affecting the structural integrity of your pool.

Trees and shrubs should be placed at least ten feet away from your pool. Other than this, trees, shrubs and tall grass can all go a long way towards helping you get more privacy in your backyard. Some of the kinds of trees you can consider adding to get more privacy are banana trees, holly trees, evergreen trees and citrus trees.

You can also add magnolia trees, oleander trees, acacia trees, and even Japanese maple trees. In addition to this, ornamental grass like zebra grass can grow tall, helping to create a barrier between your pool, and the spaces around it.

3. Water Features

Water features may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of how to improve your privacy. However, they are an excellent option nonetheless. The sound released by the water feature you add to your fibreglass pool will act as a buffer for sound. This makes it harder for your neighbours to hear what you’re doing or saying in the pool. The sound of the water feature can also help you to relax while you’re in the pool.

There are various kinds of water features that you can consider. These include slides, fountains, waterfalls, and more. Remember to consider what the ongoing costs associated with running your water feature will be before you bring one home.

4. Build A Fence

Building a fence is a common way for people to increase their privacy, and keep prying people from peeping into their homes. If you have a pool, then you’ll also need to have a pool fence, to comply with safety rules in the country. How much a pool fence costs will depend on the material that’s used to build it. Note that for your pool fence, there might also be minimum as well as maximum height requirements that you need to meet to build it.

In addition to building a pool fence, have another fence built around your backyard, so that people aren’t able to see what you’re doing in the yard. You can use wood, bamboo or vinyl to build your fence.

5. Get A Pergola

When constructed in the proper way, a pergola can help you make your pool area look more classy. Pergolas are also useful when it comes to providing privacy. You can add a complimentary feature to your pergola as well, such as a firepit. You can even add a waterfall to your pergola. Consider adding a screen to the back side of the pergola to increase your privacy even more.

6. Pool Cabana

A pool cabana falls somewhere between a gazebo and a pergola. You can add drapes that surround the cabana, providing you with privacy while you use the cabana. You can also get a mattress that’s waterproof, and that’s capable of withstanding inclement weather. Cabanas are often found in upscale hotels and resorts. However, if you want to increase your privacy in your pool area, then consider getting a pool cabana built.

7. Canopy

With a canopy, you can enjoy partial privacy, depending on where your neighbours are located. Let’s say your home is on the side of a hill, and your neighbours can look down from their homes to see your pool. In this case, having a canopy built above your pool will help you gain privacy. Think about how the canopy will help you gain privacy, before adding one to your pool area.


Increasing your privacy such that people aren’t able to see what you’re doing in your pool is something that’s very achievable. There are various ways for you to increase your privacy while you’re using your pool area. This guide provides you with seven ways to increase your privacy around your pool.