undermount kitchen sink and city skylights

Pros and Cons of an Undermount Kitchen Sink

Back at it tidying those dishes? You notice food particles accumulating on the edge of it again as you tidy up. When you’re all done, that top mount sink still looks unpresentable on your countertop.  Consider an undermount kitchen sink as an alternative to sinks that you are used to. Here we discuss what it is and the pros and cons of having one.

What is an undermount kitchen sink?

 Traditional sinks rest on a rim on your kitchen countertop. However, this type works differently in that it is installed underneath the countertop.

A hidden rim gives your kitchen an overall more modern appeal, especially for designer homes. Top mount sinks are becoming a thing of the past.

If you have a marble, granite, or quartz countertop, an undermount kitchen sink is a great option!

 Pros of Undermount Kitchen Sinks

 The type of sink’s rim is hidden, which looks like a cleaner, more modern countertop. When you are not using your sink, you can place a cover over it.

The Piazza 340 Square Bowl is an example from Abey Australia’s kitchen sink product line equipped with a removable benchtop. Hence, an undermount kitchen sink provides you with more counter space than a traditional one. You can transform the benchtop into a cutting board to prep your food.

It is easier to clean thanks to no lip over the counter that grabs liquid and other waste. Easy clean-up is important so that you can spend more time with your rellies than scrubbing the dishes after breakfast or another meal.

An undermount kitchen sink leaves you with a cleaner and sleeker look on your countertop. Because most come with a benchtop cover, or you can have one customised based on dimensions, there will not be the usual messiness that comes with a traditional sink.

Deeper than a traditional top mount sink, you can store more dirty dishes inside it when tidying up, perfect for large family gatherings or a larger than normal turnout for a last-minute party.

No liquid or other waste accumulates on the side of an under-mount sink like that of a traditional top mount one. The rim is tucked under the countertop rather than showing above the countertop. This goes back to the easier tidying process. Food and other remnants from tidying dishes will not get stuck on the sides of the sink, which makes tidying a lot more annoying.

Cons of an Undermount Kitchen Sinks

 Despite all the good that comes from an under-mount sink, there are some cons.

The cons of  an undermount kitchen sink include:

  • If you have laminate countertops, an under-mount kitchen sink is not the best option:
    • The particleboard underneath the laminate is not waterproof.
    • Better for composite countertops or those made of stone.
  • Water can get trapped in between the countertop and the sink, which is troublesome as it compromises the health and safety of your family if mold accumulates.
  • More prone to chipping with the rim installed under the countertop.

Final Thoughts on Undermount Kitchen Sinks

 Undermount sinks tout many pros and a few cons. Consider this model to update your kitchen to a more modern look and give you many benefits when it’s time to tidy up.