Quick home renovations that will transform your living space

If you’ve just been married and have bought a new home with your partner, it is a great opportunity to create a space that is uniquely yours together. The property you buy maybe an apartment, a duplex or a stand-alone house. The building itself may have been picked out by you together as a team effort but doing alterations will really give it your stamp on the place. It is a great way to imprint your personality, your home culture, and your creativity. There are many things you can start with that will make a big difference in giving your home a whole new look. You could consider making a list and working through it during a couple of years or perhaps you want to get it done all at once to not draw out the process. Here are some ideas of where you can start.

Start at the bottom

Using a simple yet effective and striking decorative floor tile can give your home a whole new look. If there were carpets there before, or outdated tiles, having new floor tiles will offer a renewed vibe that will add so much character to your place. Tiles are normally around for a long time because of the cost and effort it takes to install, so choose quality tiles that will last well, especially in main traffic areas that carry a lot of weight. Kitchens and entranceways are high traffic and you want to make sure that these last.

A fresh coat of paint

By repainting you will make your home feel new and fresh. It is quite hard choosing colours because of the daunting pressure that painting the walls has. You suddenly realise that you could find yourself staring at these walls for many years wishing you had have chosen something else. So, take your time, and don’t be afraid of asking for sample pots where you can paint reasonably sizes patches on your walls and spend a few weeks discussing which you like the most. Earthy, natural colours are most advisable, but if you want to go with something bolder, having a feature wall is often quite striking and effective.

Lighting up the place

Any room that feels light and airy makes us feel healthier and more comfortable. There is no doubt that a dark and cold room is a deterrent and will be the room you spend the least amount of time in. Go through your house and decide which rooms you want to work on first. This will be a combination of rooms where you want to spend time hanging out combined with rooms that need the most intervention in terms of light. You can then put in skylights, bigger windows, knock down some unnecessary walls to open up space. If these forms of increasing ambient and natural light aren’t an option, consider well-placed lighting that is able to offer the same effect.