Roofing tiles. How to choose?

If you decide to build a house, then you will be advised to use roofing tiles – they are considered to be the best roof coverings just because of their durability.Different types of tiles are also very common throughout Europe, which only proves that this coating can be trusted.

Why choose roof tiles?

At different times – a different way of covering the roofs. Roof tiles are no exception. They were first made of clay, and only later began production of concrete.

Why roof tiles because:

  • tiles are a natural material
  • tiles are not nailed to the roofs of homes, so you avoid extra hassle and income
  • tiles are fastened only at the edges of the roofs
  • roof tiles do not require sealing materials
  • tiles have the property of adhering to each other, thus providing much greater protection
  • a wide selection of roof tile colors
  • if you have decided that you want to replace the roof tiles – it is very easy to replace them with new ones. No need to dismantle the entire roof of the house.

If this helped you decide on the choice of roof tiles, then it’s time to determine what size tiles you will need and choose a color.

Color and size – important!

Once you find out the right size of roof tiles and choose the color, then you will only be able to rest assured about the roofing of the house. To someone it may seem like color, it means nothing. Unfortunately, when choosing roof tiles, it is very important to match the color to other elements of the house’s architecture. The color of the tiles depends on the color of the plaster, gutters and even the windows! If you want to choose dark roof tile colors, then you need to evaluate whether you have enough space around the house. However, if you have a house with a terrace or your house is a large cottage – dark colors are not recommended.

When choosing the size of roof tiles, you need to consider the number of planes on the roof. If the roof of your house has a large surface area, then you should choose large tiles that should be lowered below and this will lead to the fact that the roof will look extremely beautiful.

What type of tile to choose?

The most popular roof tiles are ceramic and clay. It is up to you which one is best to choose. Both ceramic and clay roof tiles are durable, high-quality, durable, resistant to various weather and temperatures. Your choice can be determined by what color and size you want. Once you choose this, you will be able to choose from the type of tiles you want and the roofing.