Signs of a Need for Roof Repair

A home is your best investment. When you take care of your home properly, the value remains high. There are many areas on the exterior of your home that need routine maintenance. The roof is one of the most important items, as it protects interior of your home from the elements. Roof damage can result in leaks, which can easily ruin a large portion of your home. At times, the wildlife around your home may also cause damage to the roof. An annual inspection can help you identify regular wear and tear. Additional help may be necessary after high winds or large storms. There are a few signs that can help you identify when it is time to call for a roof repair.

Odd Noises

Even if your home is old and creaky, there are some noises that are not normal. If you begin to hear scratching or digging sounds, animals may have made their way into your attic or walls. Rodents may also be heard running around when they become trapped in walls. Animals can wear down the roof over time when they run around and chew. Once they are in your home, they can multiply and leave behind unsanitary waste. When they become trapped, they can die in your walls and cause a smell and flies. If you hear these noises, you may need animal or pest control in addition to a roofing specialist.


When the roof is compromised, you may notice water spots on your ceiling. These usually start out small, and they are often not noticed until there is actually water dripping into the home. By this point, you may also have water damage in your walls. Water in the home can ruin flooring and personal belongings. Call a professional roofing company immediately if you notice water leaking through your roof. They can usually come out and cover it until the repair can be scheduled. Look for quality roofing repairs in Perth.

Inclement Weather

Sometimes you need to be proactive and call for a roof inspection when you suspect roof damage. When rain storms or high winds have happened, it is a good idea to secure a roofing specialist for an inspection. You may not be able to tell how much damage has occurred just by looking at the roof from the ground. You may also notice parts of your roof missing after severe storms. This type of damage may be covered by some types of insurance. You may also notice rain coming into your home during the storm, indicating a compromised area of the roof.

There are several issues that can cause problems for a roof. Normal wear can even result in the need for minor repairs over the years. Pay attention to the signs that something may be wrong with your roof. When you catch the problem early, the repair may be much less costly. Take the time to have your roof checked after major storms or high winds, as well. Roof repair is incredibly helpful at extending the life of your roof.