Six Benefits Of Adding ADU Floor Plans To Your Home!

Accessory dwelling units, aka ADUs, are smaller residential buildings built on a homeowner’s property. These units usually have one to two bedrooms, as well as a bathroom or kitchen, and ADU floor plans have blown up in popularity in recent years.

The rise of ADUs is partly due to the rise of short-term rental apps like Air BnB, because now people are turning their residential properties into commercial investments. But of course ADUs are beneficial for all sorts of purposes, and below we’ll be detailing six benefits associated with investing in ADU floor plans at your home!

Earning Passive Income Via A Rental Unit


ADUs are now widely known as incredible investments towards obtaining consistent, passive income via rental units. Developing a rental unit is by far the top reason why homeowners are investing in ADU floor plans these days, and these financial opportunities are opening up many doors for property owners everywhere.

Because ADU floor plans usually have everything someone would need, you can also consider them as a good investment for long-term renters as well. But whether you’re looking to rent long or short-term, ADUs are a great opportunity to make passive income through your property!

Increasing Your Property’s Overall Value

Another major benefit associated with ADU investments is that they’ll undoubtedly increase the overall value of your property. When it comes to increasing resale value, one of the best things you can do is invest in an ADU floor plan.

The vast majority of homebuyers will pay exponentially more for homes that have ADUs because they’ll see the property as a better investment, and this type of value increase can be overinflated due to the exorbitant amount of hype associated with ADUs.

Great For Guests & Visiting Family

Of course not all ADUs are meant to be short-term rental investments, because countless homeowners simply want a good place for their guests to stay on their property.

If your home’s existing floor plan isn’t quite equipped for the amount of guests you’d prefer to host, then investing in ADU just might be your best solution. ADUs will provide your guests with privacy, and it can help make busy holidays feel less congested within your home!

Low-Cost Housing Option For Caretakers & Seniors

ADUs are also very popular for families that are taking in an elderly loved one, because a grandparent can have their extra space while still being close by. Many people love these investments because they get to spend more time with their loved ones, and ADUs tend to pay for themselves when you compare the costs of assisted living centers that are typically priced around $7,000 per month.

So ADU floor plan investments are an awesome way to bring your loved ones closer to your household, while also maintaining their independence! And for seniors in need of daily care who don’t want to live in an assisted living center, ADUs are a great way to bring a caretaker onto your property so you can stay where you feel most comfortable!

ADUs Are Also Great For Adult Children

Almost half of all Millennials are moving back in with their parents after graduating from college, and this is connected to all sorts of economic constraints facing young people these days.

So when it comes to a parent’s perspective, investing in an ADU is a good option when considering how often adult children are coming back home. ADUs can help young adults get back on their feet financially until they’re ready to find a home they can afford.

Unbelievable Workout Spaces & Home Offices

Some of the most renowned artists in American history changed the world while working in an ADU, and professional athletes often train in ADUs during their off hours to keep their edge going.

But ADUs aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore, and today people everywhere are converting ADU floor plans into state-of-the-art home offices and at-home gyms. You’ll feel a significant difference while working or exercising in this type of complete privacy, which can do wonders for your career and/or health.

And considering just how many people are converting to remote jobs these days, ADUs are now the go-to option for countless professionals!

Reach Out To The Dryve Design Group To Learn More About ADU Floor Plans!

There is so much to love about ADU floor plans, and getting one on your property has never been easier. But the truth is that A LOT of homeowners are interested in these investments, so if you want an ADU at your home, then you’re going to need to plan well in advance.

You can learn more about ADU floor plans by going through the link to the Dryve Design Group’s website located at the beginning of this article!