The Different Types of Real Estate Agents You Need to Know

Whether you are looking for a new home or intending to sell your existing one, you are bound to come in contact with a real estate agent. There is a high number of real estate agents in GA and other parts of the country who are working very hard to maintain a name for themselves in the market. 49% of the agents are working 40 hours or more to make the kind of money which is enough for their living.

With so many agents in the market, the most important thing for the clients is to know which one is best suited as per their requirements. The agents working in the field are specializing in a certain aspect of the real estate and can help you accordingly. We give you detailed information about the different kinds of agents in the market so that you know which one to work with:

Buyer’s Agent

This agent provides his services to the homebuyers and works in their interests. His goal is to guide them step-by-step through the buying process and allow them to make a perfect deal by paying the minimum amount. They will bring you in contact with professionals like the home inspectors and help in filling out the necessary paperwork.

Seller’s Agent

Working exclusively for the interests of the seller, the seller’s agent will help him in selling his property at the best possible price in the market. He will help him throughout the process by being his ultimate guide and giving him enough information to make the best decision for himself. He will enlist the property across various listings and negotiate with the potential buyers.

Dual Agent

In any given transaction, the dual agent will represent both the buyer and the seller. He will be the only middleman in a deal and will present such terms which are beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is an educated professional who has passed the license exam for the real estate brokers. He is more qualified than real estate agents and can easily take care of multiple responsibilities because of his expertise and knowledge.

Associate Broker

They are more or less like the real estate agents and work under the supervision of real estate brokers. However, they do have the license and are choosing to work under a real estate broker only for training purposes or before they gain a significant clientele for themselves.


Simply speaking, a realtor is a real estate professional who is registered with the National Association of Realtors. As compared to a common real estate agent, he is authorized to perform plenty of tasks.


After knowing about the different kinds of agents in the market, it becomes easier to make a wise choice depending on one’s unique requirements. By working with real estate agents in GA or anywhere else, you can gain a lot of knowledge regarding this sector and make the best decision for yourself.