bathroom with ceramic sink

Top Bathroom Sink Materials

When it comes to new purchases for your bathroom, it can get a little bit confusing on what you need to buy. What is in your budget? What is the quality you should be looking for and how can they improve your overall bathroom? Unless you are a plumber or some kind of expert on bathroom materials, a lack of knowledge can lead you to a purchase that you will regret in the long run. Today we are going to be focusing on bathroom sinks. We visit them every morning, every night and regularly throughout the day, so we should know the difference from a ceramic bathroom sink to a stainless steel one? Below I have included some info on the different materials you should consider if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom sink.

 Ceramic Bathroom Sinks

Ceramic is a material that is extremely popular when it comes to sink materials and there are many reasons for this. First of all, what is it? Ceramic is made of a mixture of water, powders and clay that when introduced to heat massively hardens. The benefits of ceramic sinks are that they are fairly resistant to everyday burdens of chips/scratches and are incredibly easy to maintain. So for a bathroom sink that is used regularly on a daily basis, it fits the bill. Stylish, durable and affordable.

 Stainless Steel Bathroom Sinks

When you think of a stainless steel sink, you are most likely to think of a kitchen one. However stainless steel sinks are becoming more and more popular to use in the bathroom. With the material obviously being steel, they are impressively durable and actually resist germs and bacteria. They are very pleasing cosmetically also, often giving a sleek and stylish look to your bathroom.

 Stone Bathroom Sinks

There is nothing quite like the artistic flair you get from a stone bathroom sink, let’s admit it the things are amazingly beautiful and will never be out of place in a modern bathroom. Yes there is a touch more maintenance than the previously mentioned and it may set you back a bit more but they are unique and a wow factor of any bathroom.

 Fireclay Bathroom Sinks

Whilst made by a similar process to ceramic, fireclay bathroom sinks do have some additional advantages. Again made with clay (and glaze) when heated and molded, fireclay is slightly denser than ceramic and as it is made usually by hand has a slightly artsier appearance. They are extremely durable and resistant to scratches/bumps and are significantly long lasting (whilst maintaining their color). They are more expensive than ceramic sinks however they do tend to be cheaper than stone. So if you are wanting something durable, artistic but don’t want to pay the price of stone, then fireclay could be the option for you.

Wooden Bathroom Sinks

Another impressive looking bathroom sink and often made of teak. Wood  bathroom sinks have become popular in a bathroom that embraces the natural side of the world we live in. They are still water resistant and again durable but color can fade overtime.