Top Things to Do in Huntington Beach

When people think of Huntington Beach, the 10-mile long coastline comes to their mind. There is no denying that many people know nothing about the city except for the beaches. Contrary to this, Huntington Beach is one of the most developed cities in California and is filled with all the necessary amenities. It provides the perfect blend of exciting nightlife and the vibrant culture which is associated with California.

When you’re in Huntington Beach, you can do a lot of things which have nothing to do with the beach:

Bella Terra

Giving the look of a beach town, Bella Terra is a complete shopping complex perfect for couples, individuals, and families. There are a wide number of options for fine dining and splendid shopping. You can even grab a cup of coffee from any of the quaint cafes.

After getting done with the shopping and eating, you can enjoy some live entertainment performances at the amphitheater too. The outdoor gardens and the scenic fountains will allow you to spend some quality time in the open air with the people you love.

Sunset Gondola

You will get the feeling of being transported to Venice, Italy but enjoy a Gondola ride right here in Huntington Beach. The plus point of this city is the magnificent views which it has to offer. The Huntington Harbor has canals, inlets, and picturesque scenes which give you a soothing feeling as you float around the city.

The gondolas are actually imported from Italy so you are bound to get the most authentic Venetian feeling as possible in Huntington Beach. You can even enjoy special packages around Valentine’s Day and other holidays and save a few bucks.

Huntington Beach Symphony Orchestra

For the music lovers, there is no better place in Huntington Beach than the Symphony Orchestra. It plays a number of genres so an avid music admirer will not be disappointed after visiting this place.

Throughout the year, concerts take place where the youth choir performs with the orchestra. It is such a delight to be a part of these musical shows and they’ll always stay etched in your memory.

Surf City Comedy Club

If you want to enjoy the established comedians or see the talent of the newcomers in the area, look no further than Surf City Comedy Club. It is a hub of entertainment and will allow you to share a few hearty laughs with your loved ones.

This club is a must-visit for not only tourists but also for the residents of the place. One should buy any of the homes for sale in Huntington Beach and think of settling here only because there are a number of recreational activities to relieve you from the daily stress.


Huntington Beach has all kinds of entertainment options and is perfect for large families who want to enjoy multiple activities. You can even think of buying homes for sale in Huntington Beach for Airbnb purposes and make rental income through it.