Top Tips for A Successful Kitchen Remodel 

Kitchens are the centre, and often the heart of a home. It’s where you make meals, share stories, entertain and store your essential snacks. In short, the kitchen matters. So when it comes time to undertake a kitchen makeover, consider these tips before you get started. 

Plan The Reno Ahead

Before you even start designing, ask yourself some vital questions such as: what do I need from this space, what’s my budget? What can I live without? What’s not working with this old design? When you have the answers to these questions, you will further understand the functionality you need, and can then design with the right amount of thought put into it. This then saves you from disappointment further down the track.

Think of Kitchen Gadgets

In this day and age, gadgets can make life a lot easier. This includes everything from touch-free taps to smart trash cans, as well as smart lighting and smart kettles. By choosing which gadgets you would like, and seeing if they fit into your budget, you can work towards a kitchen that functions like a well-oiled machine. 

Closed Kitchens Are Okay

Not everyone needs an open-plan kitchen. With the advent of working from home, private spaces are all the more important. If you want to pivot away from the open plan ideas and work towards making spaces in your home, you don’t need to knock down any walls, you can keep the kitchen closed. 

Use Your Counter Space Wisely

If you love to cook and prepare meals, you may want more counter space between the range hood and the sink. For those who cook less, you can opt for less counter space and add in a coffee machine or a gadget to take up the space. Again, knowing what your needs are comes in handy, as it lets you know what you need from counter space and storage as well. 

Pick a Focal Point & Draw The Eye

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your kitchen materials if you consider a focal point. This can be a unique backsplash tile, a large range hood or a bright kitchen cabinet. Just pick something to draw people’s eyes and keep everything else simple. 

Reduce Cleaning Time

Remember that upkeep matters when you’re designing a kitchen. If you’re already busy enough with work and play, you don’t want to be wasting time getting into hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen. Instead, just think about how you can make the space easier to clean. Eliminate spaces where crumbs can accumulate, and make things more streamlined, and thus easier to clean. 

Install Kitchen Outlets

Kitchen gadgets need power, so don’t forget about outlets. If you’re worried about them cramping your style, you can install them where they can’t be easily seen but can be easily used. You may also want to consider a USB socket as well, as this helps when you have visitors who want to charge a phone or let you keep an eye on the baby’s nursery while you cook. 

Don’t Forget Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting often goes forgotten. But it’s vital as it will significantly alter the vibe of your kitchen, Softer lighting will of course bring a different mood to harsh lighting. But first, consider the natural light. The more natural light you have, the better your space will be overall.  And the less you’ll pay in electrical bills. From here, consider the mood you want to make, and choose lighting accordingly. 

Call The Pros

Although trying to do a reno all by yourself is commendable, your kitchen is the centre of your home and an important investment. Call the experts if you want to cut down the time you go without a kitchen and get the job done fast, well and in style. 

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