Washing Your House Is a Fundamental Maintenance Responsibility, But Here’s What You Should Know before Getting Started

When we think of routine home maintenance, many of us automatically refer to cutting the grass, straightening up the home’s interior, performing yearly painting projects, or perhaps re-coating the driveway, but it’s important to note that power washing your property’s outer façade is arguably the most effectual, economical method of caring for your building nowadays.

What Are the Top Reasons to Wash My Property?

Over the past four decades, the median value of Australian home loans has ballooned from $20,000 to nearly $410,000, according to the latest reports, which means that domestic property mortgages now symbolise the most treasured investments for the vast majority of the population. With this notion in mind, let’s go over exactly why bi-annual house washing exercises are essential and compulsory. Consider the following:

  • Irrespective of your home’s makeup, primary building materials, or whether you have protective siding, your external features are constantly besieged by wind, dust, vehicle emissions, smoke, and other filth-inducing elements throughout the year. Utilising a power washer to sterilise and decontaminate your home’s exterior components will effectively eradicate all of the sedimentary build-up, streaking, and staining that accumulates on the walls.
  • In addition to elongating the useful life cycle of your home’s peripheral surfaces, fascia, soffits, window frames, and other vital sections, habitual washing can also help preserve and increase the property’s value on the open market, which is especially advantageous if you’re attempting rent or list the home for sale.
  • Domestic homes are basically magnets for an abundance of allergens and impurities, ranging from mould and algae to mildew, wild yeasts, and other toxic, destructive by-products that can accumulate over time. These pollutants also have the characteristic ability to spread to your roof, attic, and, of course, the interior of your property if left unattended, which is why health analysts and real estate experts advise householders to wash their properties at least once every ten months or so.

To put it bluntly, a clean home is a happy home and it doesn’t cause nearly as many headaches as a grimy, unkempt building.

How to Efficiently and Judiciously Wash Your Home

Before you head out to buy a pressure washer, here are some instructions that you must heed:

  • Modernised pressure washers can pack a punch and are much more forceful than the typical garden hose – these gadgets can be up to 100 times stronger than the average hosepipe.
  • Some materials – such as fabrics, structural concrete, softwoods, and painted surfaces – cannot withstand the sheer power of an advanced washer, so you have to be wary of where you direct the stream of water.
  • Many areas and crevices around the building will require some elbow grease and manual washing, so be prepared to do some hand cleaning as well.

It makes a lot of sense to outsource this gruelling, potentially dangerous undertaking to a high-quality cleaning company that specialises in conducting Brisbane house washing tasks, particularly if you’ve never done it before.

These resourceful authorities have the cleaning detergents, augmented pressure washers, elevation equipment, and, most crucially, the battle-tested experience to clean any kind of building in a pragmatic, rationalised manner. You don’t have to be concerned about climbing onto a ladder or destroying the delicate architectural features of your home, so be sure to reach out to the pros for your annual home wash today.