What Are the Most Common Plumbing Problems?

Plumbing issues are an unavoidable part of being called a homeowner. Although some plumbing problems come with normal wear and tear or aging fixtures, others are often caused by how some systems are maintained and used.

A professional plumber will come with the expertise to get you through uncommon and common issues. Some of the common plumbing issues they can fix are:

1.      Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe might be more of a nuisance. It may cause damage to the furniture, walls, and floors. The dampness may encourage mold/mildew to grow and attract bugs.

Leaks always happen at the joint of pipes. Fillers, compounds, and tape offer a temporary fix. However, for something permanent, leaky repair Lancaster by an experienced plumber will be a permanent fix.

2.      Water Heater Problems

It is easy to spot problems related to water heaters. You go to take a warm shower but get doused by cold water instead. Puddles of wager, noises that come from your water heater, and dripping water are also common signs of the issue.

Leaks are, at times, the cause of this problem. But deposits may also cause this problem. These deposits destroy the systems by reducing the hot water supply and efficiency.

In some situations, you may troubleshoot the problem yourself. However, most water heater repairs and issues need a plumber to intervene because of the complexity as well as potential damages.

3.      Clogged Shower Drain or Bath

As with a slow-draining bathroom sink, shower and bath sinks can be blocked by soap and hair clogs. To clear the blockage, you will need to use a plumber’s snake or plunger. Vinegar and baking soda might, at times, dissolve this clog as well.

But if the problem is not handled on time, it can get worse. You can minimize or prevent the problem from reoccurring by investing in the right drain guard so as to catch clogs.

4.      Running Toilets

Running toilets are wasteful versions of a leaky-faucet issue. Experts say small toilets may waste around 28 gallons of water in just one day.

If your toilets are running and several handle jiggles don’t seem to help, it will be best to enlist the services of a professional plumber. Your plumber will be able to set it right.

5.      Poor Water Pressure

A particular amount of calcium in water is okay. However, they may result in sediment buildups over time if not controlled. This, in turn, will lead to low water pressure because of blocked pipes. If your showers or sinks don’t expel water as expected, then it means there is a buildup of calcium in the plumbing system.

Using vinegar solutions to clean offending appliances may help to resolve this problem. But that is far it goes when the buildup of sediments is deeper. So it will be best to hire a plumber to fix the issue completely.

Final Words!

Whether you are dealing with common plumbing problems or not, a trusted plumber will surely help. Most have state-of-the-art tools and experience to fix any plumbing issue. Plus, some offer emergency and same-day services at no extra costs.