What is better double or triple pane windows?

Because of the duality of their panes, double pane windows protect a building against the effects of condensation, heat, cold, noise, and so on. Logically, you may want to assume that triple pane windows must be able to offer more benefits than double pane windows. Hence, triple pane windows would be a better option whenever you need window replacement. But the logic is not entirely true as triple-pane windows are not necessarily better than double-pane ones.

Basically, numerous elements come into play when determining the better option between double-pane windows and triple-pane windows. So, let’s compare these two types of windows.

Double vs. triple pane windows: energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most notable reasons for installing double or triple pane windows in a building. It has been estimated that a double pane window is capable of retaining 90% of energy while allowing 10% to leave. Comparatively, a triple pane window will retain 97% of energy while enabling just 3% to enter/leave.

Therefore, a triple pane window is more energy efficient than a double-pane window. So, if energy efficiency is important to you, you should choose triple pane windows for window replacement.

Double vs. triple pane windows: noise reduction

Generally, both double and triple pane windows are not capable of keeping noise out completely. Nonetheless, both types can reduce the amount of noise entering your property. Overall, both window types have almost the same noise reduction ability.

Double vs. triple pane windows: natural lighting

Of course, everyone loves getting lots of natural lighting in a building’s interior. In a double-pane window, light only needs to pass through two panes before entering the interior. But because of the additional layer of glass in a triple pane window, it is slightly more difficult for light to come through.

So, when it comes to natural lighting, double-pane windows are slightly better than triple-pane windows.

Double vs. triple pane windows: security

In general, you have nothing to fear when double pane windows are installed in your home. This is because the two layers of glass make them strong; hence, it is difficult for burglars and other criminals to break them.

Comparatively, the three layers of glass in triple pane windows make them stronger than double pane windows. Vandals, burglars, and other intruders will struggle to go through the three sheets of glass inside triple-pane windows.

Double vs. triple pane windows: installation

As long as window installation is concerned, double pane windows are better than triple-pane windows. In general, double pane windows are lighter than triple-pane options.

Besides, most windows are designed for double pane windows. A triple pane window, on the other hand, is larger than an average window. Therefore, you may need to adjust your window before installing a triple pane window.

As a result of this, a triple-pane window is more difficult to install than a double-pane window.

Double vs. triple pane windows: cost

On average, a double pane window is around 10 to 15% cheaper than a triple pane window. Besides, the installation cost of triple pane units is usually higher than that of double pane windows.

As shown above, both types of windows have some pros and cons. However, your climate zone, budget, and various elements of your property must be considered when choosing either double or triple pane windows for window replacement.