Which Home Renovations Pay Off Without Spending A Lot?

In today’s hot real estate market, more homeowners are improving their homes to get a higher selling price. But which renovations pay off at the closing table? Let’s take a close look at the upgrades that will pay you back the most.

Replacing The Front Door

Why would replacing your front door add to the value of your home? Because the front door is one of the most visible things.

Real estate agents always stress that curb appeal is vital to get people to stop at your home and go inside. And one of the essential curb appeal items is the front door

You don’t need to spend a lot on a new front door to increase your home’s value. Some of the other ideas to boost curb appeal to pique interest include: 

  • Plant flowers
  • Weed and rake the front lawn
  • Paint the front door
  • Repave the driveway

You’d be surprised how much you can increase the value and increase curb appeal by spending a couple hundred dollars.

Declutter The Interior

When you list your home, one of the top items most real estate agents suggest is eliminating clutter. Why? 

Potential buyers will walk into your home, and they are thinking about how they would use the space. For example, they’ll walk into the family room and think about where they’ll put their sofa and coffee tables. 

You can help them with their visualization process by getting rid of clutter. More than 90% of realtors in a recent NAR survey said clearing clutter is the #1 inexpensive thing to do when selling your home. 

Some homeowners can do this themselves, but others may find getting rid of some personal items to be an emotional experience. Having it done professionally shouldn’t cost more than $300 or $400. 

Paint The Interior

Who was it who said a new coat of paint could work wonders on a room? We’re not sure, but 63% of realtors in the NAR survey mentioned earlier agree. 

If you have rooms on the first floor that are faded or painted with an out-of-style color, go ahead and repaint them. When the entire interior needs new paint, don’t choose any controversial color schemes. White, grey, and beige are always safe and popular. 

You can do the paint job yourself if you can be neat and not splatter paint all over your tile floor! 

Replace Garage Door

Replacing the garage door is another major curb appeal item to consider that doesn’t cost a lot. A nice, new garage door gets most of its money back when you sell; some sources say you’ll get back as much as 93% of your money. 

Put In Crown Molding

Crown molding is a good choice because it adds considerable visual appeal without breaking the bank. 

You can cut the molding yourself to get the perfect corner fit if you have a miter saw. But if not, there are products available these days that cut great with a handsaw, and you only need a thin line of joint compound to make it look professional. 

Add A Stair Runner

If you have wood stairs, consider adding a DIY runner to make it look great and keep everyone safe. 

Paint Flooring

If you have an outdated wood floor, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. Instead, consider painting it a neutral color to give a room a significant refresh. 

You can make significant, affordable changes in your home with some of these tips. And they’ll add to your resale value, too. 

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