Why Is The Summer The Costliest Time To Relocate?

Summertime is the best time to relocate as the warmer temps and longer days help you make the most of it. However, it comes at a huge cost. From San Diego companies for moving and moving containers to truck rentals to storage services, these services are in a high demand in the summertime especially from May to September. Here are the reasons why summer is deemed to be the peak moving season and the most expensive time to move.

  1. Better weather

This weather is most favorable when it comes to moving. If you move in the winters, carrying boxes and furniture down the slippery walkways is a difficult task. If you use a truck rental, it is hard to drive a large vehicle at such treacherous weather conditions. That is why it is always preferred to move during the summers. Longer days, warmer temps, safer driving conditions are the factors why it is such a convenient time to move.

  1. More college kids moving

Almost every college academic years start at the end of the August and end sometime in May or June. As the summer starts and bid goodbye, college students pack up their dorm room belongings and hit the road. The students living in the college apartments need to rent truck rentals or hire moving companies to help them load and unload their belongings. Unluckily, the more college students move, the more moving services will be in a high demand, which means peak charges for everybody.

  1. Home buying rises up in the summertime

The summers are the peak home buying season for almost every area of the country. As per the experts, prospective buyers are more likely look for a house during spring and summertime, with the highest rate in June. Certainly, once the buyers close a deal, both the seller and buyers usually move within a month or two of the purchase. It is quite anticipated, this means the majority of the moving activities involving a home purchase will happen in the summertime.

  1. Less holiday time in summer

Moving in the holiday season is the busiest, traffic-heavy times to relocate. This is why many people prefer to avoid moving to a new home between the Halloween and New Year’s. As the summertime also has fewer holidays to worry about, many people prefer moving around May to September as opposed to the October to January time period.

  1. School-age children are on the vacation time

Usually, families with school-age children prefer to move during the summer months. This keeps the children as well as the families avoid being interrupted in the middle of a school year which can be counterproductive to a child’s learning. Instead of studying, they will be busy packing and unpacking. If the move includes changing the school, the changes along with the challenges of moving can be tough for everyone involved. Hence, summertime is always chosen by the families for moving purposes.