Your Complete Handbook For Purchasing The Best Mirror Frame

The mirror is the focal point of any room, so it’s important that you choose a frame that complements your décor. But there are so many different kinds of frames to choose from! How do you know which one will work best? In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about choosing the perfect frame for your mirror before proceeding with frame mirror DIY.

The right shape is important too

The shape of a mirror frame can make or break the overall look of your home. A proper-sized mirror and the right frame design will help you create a beautiful room that compliments both your decor and style.

When choosing a frame, remember that the shape should suit the room and its purpose. If you’re looking for a dramatic effect, choose an ornate frame with intricate details; however, if you want it more subtle, then opt for something simple and traditional.

Decide between a framed or frameless design

Choosing between a framed or frameless design is an important decision. Frameless mirrors are more modern and minimalist, whereas framed mirrors have a more traditional look.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to decide which style you prefer. There are many factors to consider when making your choice, including the budget, the size of the mirror you need, and whether you want something that blends in with any surrounding decor or will make a bold statement on its own.

Consider the finish of the frame

When choosing a frame for your mirror, you’ll want to consider the frame’s finish. This will depend on how well it complements the rest of your room, as well as its durability and ease of maintenance.

The finish should be easy to clean and durable enough not to scratch easily. Some good materials include wood, metal, and plastic. You’ll also want an option that can withstand knocks and bumps over time without losing its shape or becoming damaged.

Compare and Contrast different mirror frame styles

When choosing your style, think about how the frame will look in your home. Will it fit with your current decor? What do its size and shape suggest about the room? How does it complement other pieces?

It’s also a good idea to compare and contrast different styles so you can find one that speaks to you. For example, consider a rectangular frame if you want something simple and elegant but doesn’t take up a lot of space. However, if you’re looking for something more ornate or vibrant, then consider an oval or round frame instead (but keep in mind those may be harder to find).

Measure carefully and accurately

Before you can purchase a frame, you need to measure your space and the mirror carefully. You should get out your measuring tape and find the dimensions of the space where you plan to hang your mirror.

You will also need to measure the mirror’s height, width, and depth. Make sure that these measurements are accurate as well—you don’t want to buy a frame that is too small or too large for your beautiful piece!

Next up: Measure from where you plan on hanging (or leaning) this mirror all the way down until reaching ground level or other furniture pieces. This will help determine if there’s enough clearance between where it will be hung and any nearby objects so there won’t be any collisions when someone walks past during everyday use.


Purchasing a mirror frame is an important decision that requires careful consideration. You should consider the size of your room, the shape, the style of the mirror itself, and what type of frame suits your needs best. The tips in this article will help you make an informed decision about which option is best for your home or office space.