Your Garden Shed Has More Potential Than You Think

It’s time to bring vitality back to our garden sheds. The nation’s outdoor storage facilities have become neglected despite their ubiquity. Many residents continue to fill their sheds with less-often used items, tools, bikes, and gardening equipment without realising that, in fact, there are an abundance of potential utilisations for a cherished outbuilding, many of which go way beyond simple storage.

The concept of refurbishing your shed into something even greater is not entirely new, however, in recent years it has gone from a rare occurrence to a more mainstream endeavour, which homes around the UK rethinking their shed’s purpose and approaching their garden space with more scrutiny. There are a number of fascinating outcomes, many of which are themselves becoming more widespread, and we’ve collected our favourites, right here!

Cheffing Outpost

Whether you would like a space of consistent temperature within which to cure your meat or perhaps a room big enough to become a dream larder, garden sheds can easily become a storage and craft space for your culinary endeavours.

A number of gastronomic homeowners are, despite their enthusiasm for food, unable or unwilling to install certain equipment, such as chest freezers and dehydrators, inside their home kitchen. This is why, a garden shed is a perfect alternative, keeping food stored safely in your garden.

Professional Escape

Working from home can be remarkably difficult for those who don’t have a dedicated professional space within their home. Since our rooms are already often utilised, a number of residents resolve themselves to relying on shared office spaces. This, however, doesn’t need to be the case since sheds have the potential to become the perfect professional escape for teleworking employees.

As long as your shed has the ability to be connected to mains power and the internet, there’s little else stopping your garden outbuilding from becoming a refined working space.

Social Setting

Summer houses and private log cabins are reserved for the most luxurious homes and, with a little preparation and renovation, a garden shed can be transformed into a decadent place for your family and friends to relax within. It might seem that the size would accommodate such a crowd, however, with a little handiwork, walls can be entirely removed and replaced with an open front, allowing for greater capacity.

Adult-Free Zone

Want to give your children their own area to enjoy, one that is both safe and contained? A garden shed can become a brilliant room of entertainment for children and there are many designs already being showcased where parents have gone even further to install video games consoles and small refrigerators for their teenagers too.

Wild Place

If you’re interested in local ecology, sheds have the potential to become hives for bees, solar panel stations to supplement your home’s consumption, or even a space of wild design within which you can hideaway and relax.

So, before you store another half-empty can of paint in your garden shed, consider what potential utility you could gain by using it differently. Our sheds are blank canvases for creativity and not solely for storage!